2012… ?

Shifting, returning, completing, becoming, harmonizing, beginning… or ending? These few words come to mind when I think of a certain subject that originally caught my attention almost 15 years ago. And, especially fitting for the timeframe, I still have  a few thoughts concerning the sphere of cycles.

A cycle is a period of time where something begins and ends… a completion, right? Well, for me this is not entirely accurate. A cycle is a return to a beginning point, essentially. In this form of thought we find that the end could possibly be the beginning, and the beginning could possibly be the end. No matter how you look at it, today we come closer to the end, or beginning, of a grand cycle… a long awaited galactic expedition spanning thousands of years.

With this being said… I’ve received a great deal of questions asking my opinion on December 21st of this year. So, since I do have a few thoughts on the matter I’d like to share these here.. in the sphere of cycles.

Media hype, rumors and poorly passed information have spun the workings of the Mayans out of control. This has literally caused many people to fear these few coming weeks as the end of life as we know it. Some fear the end is truly at hand… So, is it at hand now? Or is it always at hand, every second of every day.. This is a matter of perspective.  But, remember.. If you live under a gloomy shadow, you eventually become dark and will fade out of the light.

In my opinion, these great ancient civilizations obviously had a reason to formulate their calendars and orders around celestial movements. For whatever reason we may never know. But, one thing is clear, the Mayans weren’t the only people to understand that this date was significant. Several other cultures had the same idea… Perhaps being in tune with your surroundings and with nature has it’s merit… This I’ve always believed.

No matter what comes to pass, we are returning the cycle, turning the wheel, completing the round, passing the torch, beginning a new age… but can we harmonize with whatever change may come, if any? This is the real question.. Not what will happen, or how or why.

What will pass will pass.. I prefer to live in good grace and understand that cycles are a part of the natural world… and always have been. None of us can slow the Earth down, nor stop the sun from rising on the center of the ecliptic come December 21st.. This is a motion set into “motion” ages beyond what we can possibly fathom..

Within the sphere of cycles we should fear not, but be of good spirit instead. I, for one, am lucky to be a part of such a majestic return. And if I disappear on the 22nd, so be it… I go with peace in my heart, and so should we all.


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13 thoughts on “2012… ?

  1. This was beautifully written, as is everything you write. But I agree with you on your ideal of what a cycle is. It’s not necessarily a completion, but most definitely a return to where something started.

  2. Well put.

    Still – speaking in hindsight – the end is hand, the beginning is at hand … does it really matter where you are in a circle? I mean, it could have significance, and it could be ‘coincidental’ without any real meaning.

    1. Knowing who you are is the true matter, where you find yourself will then become simple to understand. And, Everything has significance.. nothing is coincidental.. In my experience anyway.

      1. You’re right. I guess it might be a matter of degree though – if everything has significance (which I absolutely believe) does one thing have more significance than another – say 12/21 than 12/22 or 1/4?

      2. It would be cliche to say that everything is relative, but in this case possibly so.. or more a matter of intention and perspective. What 12/21 means to one may mean nothing to another.. same with 1/4 or July 16th 1947.. Practically speaking I see no use in our gregorian dates.. everyday is as significant and filled with as much experience as the next; minute for minute. Degrees of awareness must apply though.. and this is a personal option. But, time is simply an illusion that has some purpose I suppose.. whatever it is it certainly keeps the people entertained.. or so I’ve heard.

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