Navigating the Perception of Intuition

Is it really intuition, or is it paranoia?

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We’ve all had those days where things just aren’t lining up at all. 

You might even believe that someone is out to get you, to sabotage your life in some ridiculous way. Maybe it’s a coworker. Maybe it’s your mom. Your best friend, your boss. 

You might even think it’s your own child. 

But what do our perceptions of others really tell us? Does it mean that we’re paranoid when we think this way? Or do we overthink one small issue until it consumes us entirely to the point of losing sleep? 

The thing is, you’re not crazy. Because this is the sphere of perception.

It’s easy to fall victim to that relentless voice inside your head that masquerades as intuition. Because it’s usually not. But we dwell on it so completely that it becomes an absolute truth in our minds. And this brings us to the question: What exactly is intuition, and what is perception over intuition? Do the two coalesce in a dance within our minds? Or does one ping more loudly than the other?

What exactly am I talking about? Check this out…

Let’s say you have a job where you suddenly feel as if your livelihood is at risk. Maybe you’re getting the cold shoulder from a coworker or a manager. Or maybe things are changing, your employer is restructuring or redesigning some part of your work-life. Regardless, these are things to be considered.

When one of these situations occurs, your head might start to spin. Your thoughts begin whirling in all directions. And you might even feel that you’re being personally attacked, singled out, or directly insulted. 

No matter how you feel about it, you have to remember one thing:

We humans are stubbornly resistant to change.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

Most of the time, these things that we stress over are just passing changes that only affect us in a very small way. But our perception of them can cause us to explode inside. We begin to truly believe what we think. And our reality becomes full of anguish.

Our minds go into defense mode and begins creating scenarios where we calmly enter the workplace and start laying waste to everyone in our path. We may even come home and lash out at our loved ones, all because of the thoughts we’ve created and believed. But we don’t fully understand what’s happening and we want answers, we may even want blood. And we’re also too stubborn to ask for clarity.

When life begins tossing curve balls at you, it’s up to you to adjust your swing. Because life is about adapting to change. After all, it was our primitive ancestors who were successful at survival due to this exact trait. 

If you’re always getting thrown the same pitch, you’ll never learn to adapt, adjust your swing, and hit the ball out of the park. And the same is true in life.

You have to move accordingly with the rhythm of life around you if you hope to stay hip to the dance. 

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 

― Albert Einstein

When you begin to feel thoughts of worry, stress begins to consume you, or if you feel panicked or attacked, this is when you need to step back out of the batter’s box. It’s time to reassess your footing if you hope to have a chance at dealing with whatever changes are happening in your life. 

Most of the time, when you look from a different perspective, change really isn’t a big deal. We just think it sucks at the time. Our perception becomes reality, and we might believe our intuition is warning us. But our perception of our own intuition is the hinge upon which our perspective swings.

No matter what’s happening in your life, don’t fret over change. Instead, welcome it. 

Don’t let your perception become an absolute reality. Roll with the tide, and allow true reality to flow.

Then… adjust your grip, and swing away.

Travel well.

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