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I often speak of the heart. This sacred organ is unlike any other in the body, with attributes that are more intangible than one might realize. The heart is the gateway to the mind.

Most tend to think of the brain as being the center for thought, consciousness and emotion; full of electrical signals and synapses that give us our human qualities. In fact, the brain does work its own magic, but consider the wonders of the heart.

The heart generates greater than 60 times the amplitude of electrical activity found in the brain. Even more astounding, the heart also generates a magnetic field that is over 5000 times greater than that produced by the brain. This field can also be detected several feet away from the body, which one might say gives weight to the phenomena of the aura and the theory of morphogenic fields.

When a disturbance is noticed within the emotional sphere, such as a deep painful sadness, or a great joy, this is felt in the chest and spreads throughout the body. We do indeed see with our heart, though most fail to close the eyes and listen to the heart-rhythm.

My first experience with a penetrating heartfelt sensation as I can remember it, and that gave way to a greater understanding of all life, for me, happened at the age of 18.

I was on my first deployment as a Marine to the impoverished nation of Haiti, a country where culture is a model to the sphere of the heart. On a convoy to the poorest part of the country I saw a man kneeling by the road. He knelt on the outskirts of what is known as Cite Soleil; a vast, shanty expanse of homes built from piles of rubble, tires, rags and the most random of objects. As I watched, I noticed that he was rinsing off his vegetables in a brown, dirty puddle on the roadside amidst the trash and stench.

The scene painted here would make anyone with a heart for his fellow man seize with emotion. At the time, it wasn’t this scene that moved me so; it was when he looked up at me and saw me looking back. Then… He smiled wide and waved with sincerity; a warm and friendly hello. I remember the gleam in his eye; a glint of happiness that I will never forget. He was happy… and I felt it; I knew it. I knew then that this man had taught me a valuable lesson regarding the illusion of face value. This is the power of the heartsphere when you choose to see through it; an eloquent song of subtle harmony.

Close your eyes and see, perhaps for the first time in your waking life. Once you feel the rhythm of life beating within your own soul, the eyes will shut and the truth can be witnessed.

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84 thoughts on “Face Value

    1. Thanks for subscribing to my blog (lancelottuckerblog.com). Now I am subscribing to your. Oh by the way, nice article you wrote. Some of us are taking our God given life for granted tooo much. Blessings my brother.

    1. Many of us can make those choices, for happiness and contentment, but there are those of us that cannot. Those with overwhelming depression cannot see the choices.

  1. And the heart swells with gratitude for this profound and touching post. I’ve been participating in the Chopra Center’s 21-day Meditation Challenge, Mind Body Odyssey. In meditation the focus is usually on the breath if the mind wanders. For many of the meditations in this challenge, Deepak encourages putting your attention and awareness on your heart instead, as he often does (coincidence?). When our awareness is on our heart, ego is lost and we can “see” like a true bodhisattva with great compassion and equanimity.

  2. Beautiful post. I shared it with a dear friend that will be becoming a Marine in a few months. I know that he wants to change the world, but I’m hoping that the world will change him and make him better. I believe this post will help him move in that direction.

  3. Regarding the factual information you gave about the heart…wow! I had no idea.
    Thank-you for the personal story that you shared.
    I have been to the Dominican Republic twice on mission-type trips, and to India once with my husband on one of his business trips. These have been life-changing experiences.

    1. My pleasure! Experiencing new other cultures does produce a rich sense of awareness for me, and is always life changing. My thanks to you for your missionary work. The world needs this warmth; love

  4. I like how you write about deep philosophical subjects yet remain succinct. This is a rare skill.

  5. I really enjoyed the anecdote at the end.

    I’ve come to meet many people who for one reason or another try to enforce their sense and concept of happiness onto others, instead of guiding them into embracing their own. Even if they act out of good will, it remains true that they can and will make others feel miserable if they’re not careful. I’m glad to hear you came to accept what made this man smile.

  6. First of all, thanks for the Follow πŸ™‚

    I like the concept behind your blog – I can see how you’d like mine too LOL This is a nice post, I like it.

    You know, my heartbeat has actually worked its way into my dreams and I’ve actually woken myself up in the middle of the night LOL

  7. Sometimes if we get so many distractions and don’t how to solve it, closing our eyes may be can help for a while. Feel what the best moment and/or worst moment for our soul. Feel it. Open your eyes and now you ready to face all the problems. Hahahah…talking more easy rather than take as an action. πŸ˜€

  8. thank you, such a beautiful post. I really need to learn how to ‘re-post’. I’ll figure it out. I am a yoga teacher and very often teach heart opening classes and medetations, I plan to use your words in my class this week. Simply amazing.

  9. So inspiring, “Close your eyes and see, perhaps for the first time in your waking life,” wonderfully said, a way to connect in peace.
    namaste πŸ™‚

  10. This was, by far, the most beautiful post I have read in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, more and ENCORE! Please. Thank you.

  11. Sorry for the double reply, but I meant to add that this is the piece, out of a well-written piece, that got me: “Once you feel the rhythm of life beating within your own soul, the eyes will shut and the truth can be witnessed.”


  12. Wow. I’m new to the blog scene and have just started reading other’s blogs. I have to say this was the first post that really caught my eye. What you’ve said here is beautiful. Thank you for this small inspiration of the day to bring us all back down to earth. Lovely.

  13. “Once you feel the rhythm of life beating within your own soul, the eyes will shut and the truth can be witnessed.”
    Once you feel the rhythm of life beating within your soul, your heart will open and see the world as a beautiful creation one can enjoy rinsing vegetables in a puddle… It’s a great paradox!
    much love J.

  14. I love the idea of ‘seeing with your heart.’ I’ve been frustrated by shallowness and judgmental attitudes. I’m so glad you’re encouraging people to look deeply to find inner truth. I’ve been married to a marine for 43 years now – a challenging, wonderful experience. :0)

  15. I’ve felt that happiness you saw in that smile… in that island you speak of :-). There’s plenty of happiness in poverty and lots of misery in abundance. It’s all in the heart.

  16. Beautifully and eloquently stated. And thank you for recognizing the heart value of Shadows and becoming a follower.

  17. Really liked this… A lot of peopole couldn’t tell a story like that without coming across as patronising… here I felt the truth shining through. Thank you!
    I was going to mention the Insitute for Heartmath and Global Coherence Initiative but it sounds like you know them already πŸ˜‰
    Shared on FB.

  18. You have a beautiful way of expressing things. It is a pleasure to read.

  19. Well there sir . . .Quite the story . . .My heart felt every word you typed, i could see this man washing his food in a puddle and i can, understand his happiness. Wonderful story, it touched my heart as well.

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