Notes of Muse

It can be a sweet song, a harmonious chorus, a loud clap or a gentle whisper. The sphere of muse is a splendor to find, though she can be elusive at times. 

Muse has found me in the most peculiar of places; mostly by surprise when looking for something else. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home in 2005, I embarked on a journey to capture my spirit, as it was broken and needed healing. I figured the best way to feel unbroken was to remark in nature and take in new undamaged, less chaotic scenery. I planned a road trip which lasted half a month through the desert southwest, finally ending at the Grand Canyon.

Along my journey, closer toward the end, I made a last minute stop at the Painted Desert in Arizona. I would walk from my car for more than a mile before camping for the night. There, alone, in the peace of night under the stars I cried for my heart to heal, for things to change; for time to stop and rewind. 

I awoke the next morning and hiked to a small but proud rock dome to watch the sunrise. With the wind nearly blowing me over, I watched as the colors played on the rock with flutes of orange-red, purple, lavender and sand. I knew that I was touched then, just so softly on the shoulder by a force I’d never felt before. For the first time in my life, I could hear the silence; and it was loud.

I did continue on to see the Grand Canyon and all its beauty. But nothing that I found there touched me so much as that morning amid the painted rock. I knew then that I had found myself, though I was never that far away, just too busy looking through a veil of despair. The sphere of muse placed its wide arms around me that morning. My faith was restored; in both humanity and in myself. 

Muse can inspire music, art, writing, poetry and everything else that gives this world beauty and love; particularly the soul. The heart always sees muse, even though so many seek it blindly. 

The sphere of muse is like a butterfly. You can chase it for miles across an open field, or you can try to catch it in a net. Though many still chase after this beautiful siren, it always perches on your shoulder at the most surprising and perfect moment. 

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

43 thoughts on “Notes of Muse

  1. I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    I thank God for my smart little muse,
    He’s someone I couldn’t refuse;
    When he’s not around,
    No words can be found,
    And my writing is really confused.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  2. Well said. I believe slightly differently. The muse only comes calling when I am not looking for her. It’s all good

  3. Jeremiah…..Another beautiful peace.. I have heard that particular silence, roaring and echoing around me in the desert morning, deafening and healing at once…..

    I just looked back over what I wrote, and realized that I wrote “peace” where I meant “piece”…. but it works better that way, and is just as true…. I’m glad I always leave your posts to the last; they are a great way to finish the day’s reading, and they always require my full attention…. thanks, I’ll sleep better now…..

  4. This really struck a chord with me, because all week I’ve been getting the image of a really starry sky, a long road, and the grand canyon! I’ve never been there before. This is the second time in two days I’ve had a ‘coincidence’. The other one was this video that a friend of mine made: There’s something in that too…that really gets me where it matters. Anyway…It was nice reading your post – and I like your style…that you went off to heal yourself, when it could have been so easy to give up x

  5. Or silence.

    I have always wanted to go on a road trip. To walk along the fine lines of ground where people once used to walk. To breath air of a places that spell soliloquy.

    I hope you can pass through tough times.

    Thanks for writing.

  6. This was a great post, I was touched. I am glad you found your muse, and it is funny how great things come to us when we really don’t expect them to. You write well, by the way! And thank you for subscribing to my blog. Have a great day, Jeremiah. 🙂

  7. There’s such a serenity in your words. It is a perfect description of how I feel when my muse graces me with presence. It is the same the presence gives us the vision not just to create our own works, but also to stop and enjoy the peace in the works of creation all around us, the domestic as well as the divine.

    Thousands have flitted to and through my site since its inception, however you are the 100th butterfly to softly land and follow. I just wanted to acknowledge that and say “Thank you”.

  8. Your posts are all so very easy to read the words flow effortlessly and touch the Soul..

    There is so much energy in this post as I connect with the Painted Desert in Arizona through your encounter. I was there so very many years ago and found it wondrous. I found myself in this magical place in a time of need and reconnected with parts of myself that I was neglecting in the hustle and bussel of everyday living.

    Thank you for sharing your experience I am finding reading your posts delightful to say the least.,

  9. I’ve had it in my head for many years now to return to some places of old. Grew up in probably 6 different towns throughout my school years, all of which shaped my life in some significant way or the other. Returning to them would enable me to fill in the many blanks of my youth. Proper goodbyes were never given, and I guess there is also the desire to explore the moments past which played such a big role in making me who I am today. Of course, when it will actually happen I don’t know, but in all likelihood it will happen on 2 wheels instead of 4. It puts me in touch with the elements and myself, always have.

    Take care friend.

  10. I think of all the posts I’ve read of yours..this has to be my honest..gentle..delicate..
    It’s a beautiful piece

  11. Your posts are so evocative…(to tears, really). You are your own muse? In the chaos of the chase, the busyness of life we drown out the still small voice inside that says “be still and know…” Sure we can be inspired by outward beauty or ideas from an encouraging friend. But when the mind is stilled and you’ve regained peace and found your center again, muse flows like gentle rain. It is in you rather than outside of you…Thank you for this one;o)

    1. Thank you.. Over the years, and since the time I spoke about in this post, i’ve realized that all beauty comes from deep within the soul, being still is the key to witnessing.

  12. Your writing is beautiful.
    Your words express sincere and pure emotions gracefully.
    This piece paints a wonderfully warm picture.
    I am delighted by the chills that I get when reading this…
    You have such a wonderful gift!

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