The Dual

The duality that dwells within the human being is not hard to find. These complements exist all around us, just as they do within. Though many strive to be “good people” they forget that they, too, are capable of the other. We should not focus on the polarities alone in the sphere of duality, but more on the fabric that binds them; the paradox.

Throughout popular culture, especially in the west, we have the ability to deify those who have committed grave crimes. We honor those that have wronged and those that have not been “good people.”

We have movies and stories that portray the typical antagonist as the protagonist character. This is common with stories of thieves, and also with particular cults that would otherwise be considered malicious. The popular movies Ocean’s Eleven and its two sequels portray the thieves as the protagonists. Though this is a fun screen rendering, its popularity illustrates the interest in and the innate nature of man’s duality.

The story of William H. Bonnie, or Billy the Kid, has spawned many books, films, plays and the like. Known as a wanted murderer, though the stories vary; Billy the Kid has been held high on a pedestal of fame since the 1800’s. We have a modest museum dedicated to the man. The gunslinger role is popular with children and some adults. He is often portrayed as a protagonist character in many stories.

Bonnie and Clyde were two people who had the support of many during their time, even though they slaughtered people and robbed them. This tale was given the lure of a love story. We can see these stories emulated in movies such as Thelma and Louise, True Romance, Natural Born Killers and several others.

Humans hold a natural duality within, just as nature does. We must not forget this. The lure of either polarity is alive and well within each of us. Many enjoy being devious, malicious and “bad people.” The opposite is also true, but we must not forget the paradox; the fabric that lives between the two.

Within the heart we can find the balance. We can recognize that we are always both polarities, constantly gravitating toward one or the other. We can fold to anger or we can rise to compassion. We must acknowledge that to be both is to be alive. We must always make the choice.

If we should enable ourselves to walk in a non-dual awareness,Β when consciousness is no longer divided into subject and object; when an inexplicable but transcendent wholeness pervades, and one’s actions flow from within and from without; from the true essence of spirit, then possibly, we may attain enlightenment.

Until that time, we must recognize that we are duality; just as nature; just as it always has been.

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34 thoughts on “The Dual

  1. “…fold to anger…rise to compassion…to be both is to be alive.” This is beautiful. Written from much experience? You are so wise. Recently I consciously experienced choosing compassion and I have to say it was hard and painful. As painful as I imagine it would be to free a wild animal from a steel toothed trap.

  2. I have to agree with everything reiterated in this wonderful post of yours. I think these so called “bad side” portrayals are a form of sublimation for man’s both conscious and unconscious desire to give life to the other extreme side of himself – the negative side. I also think all of us have that innate inclination to bring forth actions that are governed by the “id”… But we won’t allow it to prevail because throughout the history of humanity, each of us are taught how to exercise our rationality – the single most significant thing that sets us apart among other animal species. And that leads to what you call the balance… the mean that each of us has to exercise. It is the “entity” that protects us from downfall… For assuming either sides of such duality predisposes humans to self-destruction.

    It always makes my day to read at least one expounded insight from your page. Keep it up my friend. Keep those philosophical thoughts coming. Have a great day!

  3. Indeed, “we must always make the choice” – choosing to allow the better part of ourselves to shine through. Personally, I have found that it is so easy to give into our negative polarity, especially during trying circumstances. A very thought provoking post. Thank you…

  4. Excellent! I follow so many blogs that if it doesn’t grab me I have to move on but I read your post twice. I am not the kind of person who reads things twice -not unless it has to do with money! That’s how good it was. I am so impressed that I am going to add a link from my site to yours on my roll. Write on mate you have the talent.

      1. Not a problem really enjoyed your writing and having the link on my roll will keep you in my head and also maybe send some traffic your way too. Cheers Mate.

  5. fascinating and beautiful, having just moved out of the illusion of duality and still experiencing oneness as new and awesome, that balance of wholeness you speak of, the flowing of action from within and without are words that delight! thank you πŸ™‚

  6. I was reminded of this “duality” recently. I was reading from the diaries of Eva Braun, the lover and wife of Adolph Hitler. After an attempted assassination of Hitler she wrote in her diary a prayer asking God to protect and bless him. I put the book down and didn’t read anymore.

    Be encouraged!

  7. I must say I throughly enjoy all your posts. You are an incredible writer, your words flow from the heart, that is very apparent in your posts. I have to admit your my favorite blogger, don’t tell anyone…lol wink wink

  8. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus would say duality exists. The ancient Celt saw the world as influenced by a wheel, that turned through the seasons, and peoples lives, impacting them as it revolved in a dualistic way.

  9. Interesting. I agree, and I would add that Ocean’s Eleven, a remake of a Rat Pack movie, comes from a time, and takes place in a location, when that duality means excitement and romance, implying that for the rest of us, life is boring and lonely. I happen to love both versions of the movie — but I enjoy looking into the history and the story of movies like that, as well. Great essay!

  10. Balance with our duality is a good step forward. Meditating and growing in spiritual grace to the point where we are one entire whole within our souls is the journey we should all be undertaking.

  11. You may believe this or not, but duality is merely a belief, a false one at that, entertained in the human mind. In fact, it is this belief in duality which gives rise to the human condition and all the hardship and suffering it brings. What a horrible price we pay for engaging in this very human belief. Because of it, we are not in touch with our innate divinity. Were we to collectively drop this belief today, our world would be radically transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

    Duality is like the two sides of one same coin. Do not choose both or either for you still end up holding the coin. Choose neither and drop the coin instead. That way, you will come to a pure experience of oneness.

    Thank you for your blog, insights and sharing. Peace.

    1. I find it interesting that one can say what beliefs are false or not. All beliefs are true unto the believer. Opinions vary. You misunderstand the point of my post. I am aware of duality, that is all. I am also aware of the possibility that duality can be witnessed and not accepted as reality. The coin–as you say–must be observed, because it is in fact “there.” Dropping it is irrelevant. It still lands on one side.

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