Life deserves exploration at all levels; the natural world; the physical body, and the spirit. Not only does life deserve this, but requires it for growth. To not explore, to not venture out and seek is to remain stagnant and complacent. The sphere of expedition is open to all travelers, explorers and seekers. 

One single road of life does not exist. Nor are there only two roads; a high or a low. In life, several roads exist much acting like the spokes on a wheel. If we could consider these roads as spokes; all roads can lead to or away from the center at any time. This all depends upon perspective. Of all the roads, many are misleading, many are enlightening and many are confusing. But, be sure that none are straight and clear.

The great religions and philosophies of the world, from ages ago until now all act as roads. They are guide-paths to or away from the center, or the source. One is not limited to travel only one road. He can choose any or all of these. But the choice matters little. He must experience the journey for himself, no matter the path or paths taken.

I can recall the first time I decided to ride my bike far from home. I started our early in the day and aimed straight down a particular road nearest to my home. I knew this road well. The direction I chose would cross over the Arkansas river, and after crossing the bridge I had planned to head down to the river’s bank and get a closer look.

I was intrepid in my quest, pedaling up and down rolling hills until I finally approached the bridge. As I crossed the bridge, I remember the shocking sensation of being terrified. The bridge guardrails were low and I sat high above them as I pedaled. In fear, I hopped off the bike and walked it the rest of the way across.

Just as I crossed the foot of the bridge, it began to rain heavily. This turned the path down to the river muddy and nearly impassible. I made it down in just a few seconds sliding all the while on the mud just to see the mucky river. However, it took nearly an hour to climb back up the hill to my bike.

I returned to the bridge, body and shoes covered with mud. As I walked I slipped and fell into the passing traffic lane. A motorist nearly missed me as I hopped back up and scrambled for the sidewalk. After crossing the bridge with a pounding heart I mounted my bike again. Luckily, I was able  to pedal nearly a mile. But then my chain broke; snapped in two. Unable to repair it, I walked myself and my bike through the rain for the next five miles.

All things considered; I learned a few lessons on this journey. Even if you know the road like the back of your hand,you never truly know what the path has in store. Even the high road has pitfalls, the low road may have more, but; every road has obstacles. We must all experience and negotiate these on our own, through our own experience. Nobody can tell us how.

Never let another tell you which path is right for you. You must choose, because his experiences within the sphere of expedition are unique. The obstacles on his path are much different than yours will ever be.

We are all on a continuous journey within this sphere. We all have our own truths to find; our own spirit to wake; our own horizons to smile upon and our own obstacles to hurdle. Realize that you have a choice. Choose your path with the heart; with kind intuition and compassion, but remain aware that obstacles exist.  

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

29 thoughts on “Spokes

  1. Hey i like this one, nice metaphor. You mentioned that each religion was just a different path (aka a spoke) and that all humans would end up in the same destination (whatever that may be) regardless of the spoke or spokes followed. Are you just referring to the spiritual level in this case? To take it a step further, could you say that there is only “one wheel of spokes” to choose from? Or are there separate wheels for each “level”.. the natural world; the physical body, and the spirit. If this was the case though, I’d have a hard time imagining there were completely exclusive from each other!

    1. Thanks. I like to believe that the possibilities and choices are endless; that one set of spokes may belong to an infinite set of wheels. Of course I acknowledge that there may only be one wheel. I also believe that one can get stuck on the path, and may have to travel all paths before he finds the center. In the spiritual sense, we all travel the road toward or away from home eventually. Depending on the spiritual doctrine that one follows, this can take a lifetime, or several lifetimes; giving way to several sets of wheels with several spokes.

  2. I found myself thinking about all the paths I’ve been down after reading this. Maybe some paths were more safer than others but they still lead me to rocky roads. Just goes to show that we should accept whatever comes our way. Great read!

  3. Love all the mishaps and how you recover…that’s what is so wonderful…how were so resilient…

  4. Robert Frost talked about two roads diverging – that you can only take one and remain one person. Well there are many roads and as we grow we can experience many of them. A lot of food for thought in this piece. Thanks.

  5. I refer to myself as a seeker. I really have experienced what you said about that even if you know the road you never truly know what the path has in store and that every road has obstacles the low road may have more but they all have pitfalls. Thanks for such a resonating post!

  6. A truly wonderful post, celebrating a great variety of paths for us in our lives. All paths have positives and negatives, with some few probably being better choices for any given person. Your close contains these wonderful words I carry away in my heart: “Choose your path with the heart; with kind intuition and compassion….”

  7. Hi! Thanks for following my blogs, Hope we can be good friends, I am freelance writer too but I have my permanent job and I love writings, is part of my interest and hobby, Love your post, let’s share more of our thoughts, see you!

      1. Hi call me Raj, I live in Philippines, I was just new here, exploring, how can I call you? Nice to have you here and Im glad you like my blogs, lets share here…

      2. Ohhhh thank you for that, i hope we can learn from each other, we share opinions, feelings and ideas, I am just a beginner writer but I really love to write. Hope we can also chat, nice name, nice to meet you again Jeremiah

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