In Gratitude

Often in life we come to the point where we recognize why we are thankful and hold appreciation for so many things. This soul root is a part of our being, forged from the experiences of life. Here in the sphere of appreciation, I give thanks and pay tribute to all of my brothers and sisters serving or who have served and who have died while serving their country.

I learned from a young age that war was a brutal reality, one that is sadly a part of human struggle. All too often, these wars are waged in the name of resources, dominion and in the name of God. Such warring has continued throughout history until this very day. No matter the reason, the soldier provides his own body and places his life before the “enemy.” He does this as he is instructed to do. Often, this is combined with a sense of duty and purpose. Perhaps he absolutely believes in the reasons for war and engages the battlefield with honor. Our soldiers are truly remarkable in strength, courage and a testament to freedom that is fought for around the world.

If not for my training in the art of war, I correspondingly would not have been trained to engage life with the same sense of purpose, commitment and sense of duty that I have been fortunate enough to recognize. Through witnessing cultures from around the globe, learning of their customs and religions and for seeing the sunset on many a different horizon; I have grown in spirit, learned more of myself and cultivated a respect and attention to all the world’s people.

One thing I found to be true no matter the clime or country, all men and women desire to be free. They wish to live in peace, without bother, without quarrel and with a sense of being safe. Our soldiers give their lives to make this possible, though often our governments, establishments and perverted power hungry dictators continually exploit the soldier’s sacrifice.

Today I expand my sphere of appreciation and give thanks to all men and women who serve. To all of my fellow Marines, to all of the armed forces desiring to spread peace and freedom across the land I say Thank you, and I’m proud to be a part of such an elite brotherhood. Though I no longer will wield my weapon of war, I now choose to use the pen instead of the sword. A soldier of peace I will remain, in both mind and spirit. Happy Memorial Day

~Semper Fi

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44 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. Sadly war and violence is hardwired in us all and in-fact it’s made us what we are.

    The day man started killing he became top of the tree.

    But although war is a neccesity it is a sad one.

  2. Very nicely written,my friend. Thank you (I served during war time combat),and I share your gratitude to all the others who have and do serve,and thank you as well.

    The DC

  3. Beautifully put. My husband is retired military. He still bears his scars quietly and, like you, finds peace in a different way. I do enjoy your insights so much, thank you.

  4. This is a beautiful exposition that straddles the issues with perfect balance. Thank you for your service. I believe one can perceive some of the discipline, which is what one might receive from such service.

    1. It is by traveling the path that I find peace, not in searching for it. In other words, I do not focus on the goal, I focus on the journey. In helping and inspiring others I find hope in all things, in studying the compassionate words and lessons of great men and women I find a sense of peace and purpose for humanity. I only strive to spread a peaceful message and in doing so I find a harmony within myself that is connected to all things sacred in creation. This is my path, yours will be different, but we all must look within the heart to find the solace we seek along our journeys. In simplicity, we usually find the answer.

  5. Cheers brother! Your weapon of choice is much better served and is making a greater impact with each dose. I look forward to every blog and take something away every time. You have a gift! A gift I admire… glad our paths have crossed.

  6. I loved this — very heartfelt. I think most of us hate war, but sadly there are times we must fight to defend ourselves. So many men of my family have died in wars, from the Revolutionary War (uncle) to the Civil War (two grandfathers and lots of uncles) to World War I and II, (uncles) with injured relatives in Viet Nam. (cousins.)

    I think of them all, along with their fighting buddies, on this day and celebrate that such great people lived, but sad that so many had to die. Love your blog…

  7. Well said, and thank you. Your words got me into the kitchen to make and send cookies to a good friend in Afghanistan….though they aren’t nearly enough thanks.

  8. Very well written and appreciated at this time of remembrance and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made the world a safer place. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Thx for visiting my blog an dliking my post. “in gratitude” is very well written, i agree that war is terrible but it also a road to growth. however, if a man is happy no one can force him to fight and the true happiness is in enlightenment.

  10. My husband is a Vietnam Vet – and as I listen to and observe him now, I realize that sometimes it’s the soldier – the warrior – who knows and understands peace more than “the rest of us”. It’s a dichotomy for sure, but often it’s the knowledge of contrasting realities which allows us to fully know and understand the depth of each.

  11. Gracious words, and thank you for your service to our great country! My eldest daughter is married to a DI, currently serving at Parris Island. Today was his first graduation. Although I know they are willing, I pray that, not only my Marine son in law, but also these new Marines, will not be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. May your pen be mighty, swift and true!

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