The First Sphere

I’m about to take a long road trip tomorrow, so naturally I flipped through my old travel journal while packing. The following is a partial excerpt from my travel journal from a couple years ago when I first began thinking of sphere concepts:


Second day in the desert. Went down a few hikes this morning, then an uphill climb to the 5,461 foot summit of Mt.Ryan. Interesting large cairn at the top, though not many people out enjoying the view. As I left, I spotted an elderly man with a prosthetic leg hiking up the mountain. We exchanged a greeting and a smile. This pleased my heart. It signified to me that the human spirit is indeed alive and well, and that a grand spirit does exist. I’m not sure why I felt this way upon meeting the man, but nonetheless it was my heartfelt intuition.

Days such as today give me hope that one day all of God’s creatures might remember just how beautiful this sphere is where we live. The world is just waiting to be explored and marveled at. She is waiting for us to witness her splendor and grace. It also reminds me of how we all tend to meander aimlessly through our assimilated reality of “meaningful” existence. More often, the daily routines we all live to repeat day in and day out do not mirror the true human spirit that we all are born with. We should merge our sphere of spirit with the sphere of the Earth, This bond would unite all creation if we could all do so with care.

I say, you haven’t lived until you’ve stood atop a mountain, crossed a river with a smile or slept a few nights under the stars and next to Mother Nature’s skin. You haven’t breathed until you’ve smelled and tasted the air on your tongue and chapped your lips against the kiss of the wind. You haven’t walked until you’ve traveled for days on an unfamiliar trail and blistered your feet. We should all wiggle our toes in the sands of the world, and develop a sphere of thanks.

I have never felt more alive than I have today. I am ever grateful for this life and the travels I’ve been allowed to take. I pray that all are so fortunate to take at least one day of life and spend it among the tranquility of the Earth. We should all be able to feel the power of the world’s waters, and marvel at the vastness of the world’s deserts. We should all get a little dirty; let the rain wash our skin and the sun dry us off.

As I sit peacefully next to my flickering fire under a full moon, my bedroll is my house. The stars are brilliant even with the light of the moon. I could easily live here. This could be my sphere. All being said I only hope to have more days such as today. On this day, I finally felt a sense of peace that I’ve been missing for so long; here among the Joshua Tree.


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41 thoughts on “The First Sphere

  1. I love this and I can not help but feel blessed to get a peek into the beginning of what you have so gracefully created here. It makes so much sense and allows me to make some beautiful connections, thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful trip Jeremiah and I look forward to the insight and inspiration that will come from it πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Love and light β™₯

    ~ Jennifer

  2. I so know this kind of feeling in working with horses, connecting to their spirit & then when teaching others how to do the same. Great piece! “.”

  3. what do you do while your driving? If your a scenery while driving person this may sound ridiculous… Download an audiobook, something you want to read and don’t have the time, you can pretty much find anything now…. Your playlist you can hear anytime. When you drive you can absorb life from a whole different perspective. Safe driving, Best!

    1. Thank you.. Actually I spend more time in silence and watch the scenery. So I’m typically either lost in thought, or speaking directly into my recorder.

  4. Lovely and, if I may say so, profound. I am so HAPPY you are HAPPY! It can be contagious – I think I caught part of the Spirit of your sphere. May I USE in something I am writing, “A GRAND Spirit”? Brilliance under the stars. I once lived in the mountains (Big Bear Lake); camped in Joshua a few times. Stay hydrated and cool.
    Thanks again for the awesome post.

  5. Fare thee well, Jeremiah…love this phrase “under the stars and next to Mother Nature’s skin”. Looking forward to more upon your safe return.

  6. Beautiful post! As a hiker/trail runner, I know what it’s like to wade through a river, get muddy, having to navigate the woods at night, and being alone with Creation. I’ve also done survival training where I camped out under Central California stars.

    We’ve become so busy with our insulated and isolated lives that we’ve not a clue to the greater Universe around us. It’s almost as if you tell some people you enjoy the outdoors (not the city park) and you’re looked upon as a curiosity.

    I’m now taking my four-year-old son on trail hikes with me at the nearby reservations where he can get acclimatized to Nature, so when he grows up he’ll appreciate Her.

    Again, beautiful post! Peace.

  7. Your writing is so beautiful and poetic…it feels like a breath of fresh air. I too love the beauty of nature, and it never ceases to amaze me how restored I feel when in her presence. Enjoy your trip, and I look forward to reading about your new adventure.

  8. Lovely post. πŸ™‚ I loved the part where u said..

    ‘ You haven’t breathed until you’ve smelled and tasted the air on your tongue and chapped your lips against the kiss of the wind. You haven’t walked until you’ve traveled for days on an unfamiliar trail and blistered your feet. ‘

  9. Huh! Well-written. We are so prone to just settle with mediocre, comfortable life rather than going out to explore the unknown (or at least to the would-be traveler).

    I have been reading John Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction, and this blog entry resonates with Chapter 6: The Camino de Santiago in which he argues that children and teenagers alike need to take their own journey, “discovering that face-to-face engagement with reality [is] more interesting and rewarding than watching the pre-packaged world of media screens.”

  10. There is nothing better than going out and getting lost in the wonders of nature. It’s such a shame that a lot of people today think of it as simply mere trees and soil. It is much more and people have not given much attention to it. I always believe that a good hike around the Everglades, or just exploring around and going on long road trips or a drive in search of new places is a wonderful thing. Being here in Florida and all. It brings me back into a soothing place in my mind. Something a lot of people could use.
    Wonderful post as always!

  11. I wrote a poem, called The Wanderer … “I am the restless wanderer, ever searching for a home, but until I’ve found that place, there are worlds for me to roam, I know not where I’m going or where I plan to be, but as sure as the sun shall rise, I’ll follow the path in front of me…”

    I enjoy being within nature, feeling a part of creation as I live it through me. Such a blessing, have a great journey Jeremiah!

  12. First off I must say that I hope you enjoys your trip. Second, this post is so amazing. Because of the imagery you use, and how real it is. This picture in my head seems so close that if I were to take one more step, I would step into this world that you have painted in front of me. Needless to say it was an amazing experience to read this. Happy travels! πŸ™‚

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