Divine Intention

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. ~Mahatma Gandhi 

I’ve always found the power of deliberate intent fascinating. This notion that the mind and heart in unison with the divine can and will manifest all that is needed is uniquely profound in my life, particularly now. It is a practice that must be slowly perfected and nurtured by the will of all men sooner or later. The mind truly is the builder within the sphere of intent, but the will must coalesce with the love of all things, and be attuned to that which is pure and bright.

In several documented cases of hypnosis we can see how subjects can manifest physically specific symptoms and reactions from hypnotic suggestion. In fact, one case in particular shows us that when under hypnosis, a subject was told that he is being touched on the arm by a lit cigarette. A blister begins to form as it normally would, however, the hypnotist is only holding a pencil eraser to the arm; a truly convincing example of the power of the mind, and how it actualizes thought; manifesting thought into physical reality. All thought and all ideas remain in a higher dimension, only we choose to make them a reality or not. This is the sphere of intent, a projection of the soul, of the divine will.

Believe it or not, we draw into our life what we need to grow and learn out of pure intent. Often this is totally unrealized as we’re so distracted by the physical world and all of it’s lure… and there is plenty luring going on. Whether we intend to attract a form of suffering or bliss, we manifest one or the other because we simply need it at the time for proper soul growth, for proper decision making; as a stepping stone or obstacle to help us travel properly along the path back home to the divine One. What most people fail to realize is that we can choose anytime to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones, simply by aligning our will with that of the divine.

In life, when we are feeling lost or empty we must only realize that we have within a sacred power, a gift of royalty imparted from the divine. This crown of crowns is the pattern of life written on the heart of man just as written in the universe, the source of all we need resting here within us all; it is universal law. Once we tune into this divine frequency, we become beacons and antennas to both receive and transmit this awesome energy. It is ours to use should we only do so with love in our hearts, and it is ours to spread so even more can feel its warm touch and draw closer toward harmony.

The soul is always awake within, only waiting for the unison of heart and mind to ignite, to spring to life and take the wheel. Realize the sphere of intent for the right purpose, for doing the right work, for spreading the divine light and healing of self and others; intent for the harmony of men and of universes…


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34 thoughts on “Divine Intention

  1. As if by meaningful coincidence, your post appeared just when I was trying to put all these pieces together from other reading material (Yoga International, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, & the Bhagavad Gita). As awlays, you made it so crystal clear with your powerful writing. ;o)

  2. Just as with these beautiful souls who have commented before me, I have to agree that your writing comes in perfect divine timing!

    By no coincidence I am sure… I stumbled upon this video today and after reading your post thought to share it here.

    Thank You Jeremiah for this post, it is so incredibly important and you really did a beautiful job of setting the truth of intention forth!

    ♥ Namaste ♥

  3. Reblogged this on NAKED RAVER and commented:
    Found this article in my ‘reader’ today and wanted to share it with Naked Raver. We are one and the same.

  4. Interesting ideas, and ones that I am starting to believe.
    I remember reading somewhere years ago – and this REALLY intrigued me! – that a person had been diagnosed as schizophrenic.
    When one personality was active, then this person suffered an allergy to something (can’t remember what) and would come out with boils on his skin.
    But (and you know where I’m heading!) when the other personality became dominant, then the boils would recede and heal. This second personality didn’t suffer from the allergy!
    Absolutely fasinating!

  5. I’m beginning to believe more and more in the power of thoughts. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” seems to ring ever in my mind as of late. Thanks for the great words and reminder! I really enjoyed this.

  6. This is something i had realised a few months back. Though we read a lot many things, only when we realise them do they make proper sense. And then they become part of our way of life. Thanks for putting these ideas so well. God bless you…:)

  7. What does “divine” mean? What does it mean to say that the will must
    “coalesce with the love of all things”? What happens if it doesn’t so “coalesce”? Do “all things” include mass murderers? Unless the concept of “love” is rendered so unspecific as to be meaningless, such contentions seem wrongheaded when not meaningless. They presuppose a metaphysics that only be asserted, not perceived or inferred.

    1. Yes it does include all things, everything. This is the ideal of tolerance, longsuffering, forgiveness and unconditional love. You assert that love has specific conditions otherwise it is meaningless..Sorry, You miss the entire point.

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