The Odic Sphere

“We are living links in a life-force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.” ~ Alan Chadwick

Often the question is asked… What is life? What is the force that imagines, creates, and propels life? And then, where does this divine force originate? Better yet a question… Does this force need to originate? Has it always been existent as the first cause of force; a force that exists beyond the lower dimension of linear time? The mind can play endlessly in these questions upon the fabric of ether, deep in the Odic sphere.

These questions, asked throughout time do have an answer. Fortunately, the answer is different for everyone. What it is to me will be different for thousands of others, and in the very questions we ask we may squeeze out a drop of truth from this ocean of knowledge that we’ve yet to barely ponder or explore. This is the sweetness of life; the ability to learn and seek truth, forever traveling the path back to our true origin.

I’ve learned from where I live that the dandelions come to life as the warmth of spring increases and leads into summer. They bloom heavily and invasively, inviting swarms of honeybees, and all other sorts of forms to grace their bright yellow tuft of floral bloom. But, then, they disappear for a while… and now, with the onset of autumn days, they bloom once more, though not as heavy and not as invasive.

One can learn from the changing of season, by paying attention to the rhythm of life-force within and around all living things. This Odic force, visible in even the darkness carries the light of life, it shines forth the energy of the universe and creation for all to see if they should simply attune and look. This is the answer to why life is… because it is, because it can… and because it will.

In your trials, paths and pondering, come to observe the life for what it can teach, not to question why it becomes. In this simple gesture, life will appear as it always has been… easily defined, eloquent but arrogant… simply beautiful.


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12 thoughts on “The Odic Sphere

  1. Good truth here. I have been trying to learn the lesson of the first sentence of the last paragraph for a long time and I have not been a very good student.

  2. You propose some very compelling questions and I would very much agree that the origin of life is inexplainable. The fact that life lives “because it is, because it can” is something I can agree with. It’s good to have a little philosophical discussion now and then to flex the braincells. A really quaint and interesting post, good one.

  3. If you get a chance read my 11:11 blog not because I wrote it, but for the information it contains………we are far apart and have never spoken but, I was born in Pakistan….traveled thousands of miles and lived in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then arrived in good old US to go to college and ended up spending 20 years and becoming an American Citizen. How did all this happen? A mystery of history and now I am a foreigner in my own country………Double Digit Phenomenon!


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