Float, Crawl or Climb

“When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it. ” ~ Boris Pasternak

Entered we are into the sphere of opportunity. She is that which floats and spirals in unison with paradox and reality. The mind cannot grasp the essence of the knock, but only when the ears hear its sound, and when the eyes glimmer in the light of the spoils to be gained. We forget that the heart knows this place, and sees nothing of spoils. We are born here in this sphere, it is ever changing and lucid of our existence, only we are mute to the sound until awakened by it.

Opportunities are abound in our lives. We see them only as they pass at times. Some are fortunate enough to seize them, others are blind to them, few land happily upon them by pure synchronicity. These are the workings of subtle energies, alive within and around all life. Even the seed that floats or falls far from the tree has the potential to grow into a life giving organism. We too are seeds, following a path brought on by the wind at times, riding a stream of air without direction, though landing where we always need to be even if we cannot understand it at the time.

Other times we do not float, we walk. We choose our path, we take turns, we round corners, we climb up and we fall down. But we must always remember that the path is always intertwined with the aimless breeze. Though we make decisions, decisions are made for us as well in some mystifying way, perfect in the time given, but this perfection is often unrealized in our senses. What seems horrible will seem horrible, and out of our control, but then this situation as horrid as it appears on the surface also brings new life; new beginnings and new opportunity

Seize hard on the sphere of opportunity. All situations have this spiraling siren as a companion just waiting to be heard. See the potential for what truth can be witnessed. Do this within the heart. Close the eyes and listen to the perfection of every moment unfolding in unison. As life connects us to life, so does the opportunity to live life.

Once we understand that all situations, thoughts, ideas and choices bring with them a myriad of opportunity, it is then up to us to decide where we float, or where we walk. Choose to do both, and choose to live. Then look back and see the footprints of life without regret.


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16 thoughts on “Float, Crawl or Climb

  1. And it’s been confirmed… The thing I’m scared to do, but weighs heavily in my heart needs to be done. Never hurts to try, right? You have such an awesome talent with words. Thanks. 🙂

  2. This is so timely; I’m living the reality right now. Grabbing on for all I’m worth even as a part of me screams Noooo! You’re supporting my movement forward with your wonderful words, many many thanks. Especially for the great timing!

  3. Opportunities are like the fish on the move. They remain within your reach only for a limited time and soon move away. Those who are lethargic lose them; and those who keep on fuming and fidgeting also miss them. Only those who are calm and alert notice them. Once the opportunity is at sight, then it is time for quick action. We should strike while the iron is hot. If you strike before that or after that, it is a waste of energy.

    The ancient Tamil scholar, Thiruvalluvar cites the example of stork. He says: “kokkokka koompum paruvathu; matrathan kuththokka seertha idaththu.” (Thirukkural 490)

    That is, you should wait patiently but be alert; be vigilant looking for opportunities; and when they are available for you, you should act fast to make full use of it; like the stork that stands even for long hours silently but never misses to catch the fish in a jiffy, when the fish comes within its reach.

    On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 8:06 AM, knowthesphere

  4. I can totally vouch for acting in that brief window. For several months I mentored a poor teenager online who was in South Africa. When the nonprofit that set it up pulled out, we decided to continue on our own. Seeing promise and potential in him — and zero opportunities otherwise — I also agreed to pay for his college if he got in. I had no idea how I’d cover it, and the financial world was crumbling around us.

    It’s been the most satisfying, frustrating, fulfilling, crazy-making, life-altering experience of my life. Fast-forward to today and he’s in his last year of school (graduating in November… South African spring) and is vice-president of the student committee. And… I just made the last tuition payment this week! Broke as hell, but knowing I have forever changed a life. Make that two lives. All because I heard that little voice say, “Do it.”

    1. What a great inspiration you are.. I wish many more would do the selfless work that you do. To help another is why we are here. If more would simply step outside of their own needs and see this truth, the world would be much brighter.

  5. “What seems horrible will seem horrible, and out of our control, but then this situation as horrid as it appears on the surface also brings new life; new beginnings and new opportunity.”
    If we let it, that opportunity can be bright, or it can lead us down the path of horrible. Rather, we can choose that path of horrible by not being aware that we are the sum of our own choices.
    Enjoyed your entry tremendously today.
    And the Aztec codices in the background (assuming?)

  6. This one gave me a push in the right direction at the right time. Merci !

  7. A mesmerizing, profound and well timed post for me…

    “Though we make decisions, decisions are made for us as well in some mystifying way, perfect in the time given, but this perfection is often unrealized in our senses.”

    Absolutely brilliant:)


  8. For the acorn is and isn’t the oak tree in all it’s splendor. We’re all walking untapped potential…until we do. There are many paths to such, my guides use “float” with me the most, giving me the image of getting tired while swimming and going against the tide versus floating and going with the flow.

  9. Such truths, sometimes find us moments, minutes days later with the sigh of wonderment in the perfect unfolding of it all. Love the perfect timing of your two recent posts with the realizations in my own life!

  10. I love that you have written about this. a few friends of mine and I were speaking of this yesterday, moments of opportunity to be seized they are like a rumbling train in the background of existence, you can listen and grab on to it or it will quickly go by and arouse the next person listening and ready to grab on.

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