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Image“The true genius shudders at incompleteness — imperfection — and usually prefers silence to saying the something which is not everything that should be said.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe 

The quiet ones are known to the world. These silent wayfarers keeping to their own, walking in harmony and disharmony. My world is quiet, though loud at times with silence. What is it to be quiet? It is a center, a source for wisdom and clarity, for observation and understanding, for seeing life and becoming truth.

Many say that the introvert is a shy person, one who is too subdued by fear to let himself be known. This is far from true. The quiet one walks with purpose, because he knows his purpose. He readily contemplates his place in the world at every turn, silently. He bothers nobody, he talks little, but when speaking… he is heard. His voice is soft, but his words are loud, powerful and deafening to the mind. He speaks with purpose, because that is his only way. Have diligence to hear the quiet ones, for they speak with truth.

The truth resides in a silent place.. a fervent sphere of hushed tranquility. A quiet man lives in this quiet sphere. It is harmonious, loving and nurturing. It is a bubble of solitude, from which many truths are revealed and contemplated. Life is born in this soft spoken drum of muffled noise, and only becomes louder with time. Those who can drown out the noise, muffle the clash of harsh language and boring idiom are those who can see the world in clarity. Without prejudice the quiet sphere calms the heart and nourishes the soul. This place of peace should be visited often.

Do not shun the quiet ones. For their lack of charisma is only a persona. Instead, learn from the silent, speak to the mute. These silent sages are intrepid in their quest for knowledge and truth, for peace and concord with nature. They walk with closed mouths but open hearts. Careful to let their voice be heard, and cautious to stand with others. For they know the masses hear only the noise, the crash of painful language and phrase.

In a quiet sphere I sit often, watching, listening, contemplating and feeling… mostly feeling. This is a place without fear, with only introspection and reflection as a guide. It nurtures the soul, it broadens the mind and fills the heart with truth and muse. It is a sanctuary among the noise, above the loud world which so many become trapped in. It is a solitude for the mighty, for the voiceless stewards of the world.

The greatest minds are those that appear quiet. These are the great writers, poets, screen actors, artists and all others who give their lives, baring the soul; accenting our world, giving light to its already beautiful and elegant form. They see the world, and speak with their pens, their brushes, their lines.. they give life to an otherwise boring tide of stillness. They prefer silence, because it speaks to them. So should we take lesson.

Seek out a quiet place. Become quiet only to hear the silence for the first time. This is truly listening to your own soul. For the silence, as quiet as it may appear, will be the most trumpeting sound you may ever know.

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29 thoughts on “Be Quiet

  1. I am more completely myself in the quiet spaces and places of the world. When the rest of the world around me is loud and noisy, I find myself withdrawing within to find a sanctuary which silence is. When I am silent, I am just thinking and re-balancing. Wonderful post.

  2. Oh, you are on of those great minds! Your every sentence is meaningful and deep. I always say that whatever I am suppose to learn should not be at the coast of money, it will come freely, and you have just proofed that theory right. I just needed to come here for a spiritual lesson today, no need for course fees, expensive books or anything like that. Thank you for this beautiful lesson, I am now a little richer 🙂 (and so is my notebook of inspirational quotes 🙂 )

  3. Thank you! Thank you for this post. Thank you for these incredible words that danced off the screen into my mind! And thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am excited to get to know you as well! Blessitude – Lorrie

  4. I cherish the quiet. The times that it seems all is still and I can sit and hear nothing…no radical noises from TV’s, or cars, or phones, or computers… just an occasional chime from the wind chime outside my bedroom window.

  5. Yes, silence speaks so loudly ~ to those who are willing to hear. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. Looking forward to reading more…

  6. You have captured the essence of the silent retreat I just experienced. We turn inward when relieved of the need to speak. Our heart leads instead of our head and all is well with the world.

  7. i love being an introvert, i gather my strength from being alone,although i never make new year’s resolutions,this year i am centering myself in stillness and quiet,your post confirms the value found there, thanks

  8. My good man, it’s as if you described me. LOL.I speak when necessary and that can mean many things. Most importantly, I don’t speak when there’s no reason. In other words, there should always be a reason we utter a word. Words are expensive in my opinion and to waste them saying absolutely nothing–that’s just criminal. I loved reading this post because I can relate 100%. Ever since a young age, new acquaintances would say, “He’s so quiet.” But when they get to understand all about me and not just a brief encounter, they realize the reason for this so-called quiet demeanor. Great post

    1. I like how you say and feel that words are in fact “expensive.” Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. And, with this post not only was I describing most of our “quiet” voices, I was describing myself completely as well. All my life has been this way, and I see no need to change. Thank you for your compliments, I’m glad this resonated with you. Best wishes in all your endeavors my friend. Namaste.

  9. WOW!! Thank you so much for getting my attention by reaching out to me. You’re absolutely fantastic and an amazing inspiration to people from all walks of life. I love this post, and you’re absolutely right about silence and people who tend to appear to be silent. This is a really beautiful and soulful piece of work. I’m so looking forward to exploring you blog and more posts to come!! 🙂 Cheers!! ❤

  10. Amazing post! Odd I haven’t read this before…I agree with you, as I also prefer solitude to be my guide. Me, and me alone. Sometimes nurturing, sometimes peaceful, but also painful and confronting. But it’s totally okay to have those feelings. It’s okay to have these feelings in silence and in solitude.

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