Be… Just a Thought

“Be – Don’t try to Become.” ~ Osho

ImageI find it interesting how some shut out the world while others seemingly let it in. Also I find it curious how the world, the universe, suddenly opens our ears to listen. I’ve had this experience recently, when moving along in my daily routine I’m suddenly stopped with thought. These thoughts occur often, but this time with a pronounced voice; a profound clarity. I awakened.

Life moves quickly, without stopping, without pause. Like a constant tumbling weed, flying past the landscape in motion with its windy companion. The Winds of the earth drive the tumbleweed on until it can go no further. It lands where it’s supposed to land, bounces and rolls as it’s guided to do. Are we not so different? Do we not bounce and roll with our lives? And when do we decide to pause? When do we decide to stand firm against the wind? To lean headlong into its mighty gust?

We all do this.. We are guided by forces beyond our sight, above our ears and unknown to our minds. These guiding forces come to us when we call them. When we manifest their powers, when we need a push, a nudge or even a voice.

I’ve found that listening to the world opens up a broad and heightened sense of living. It gives me promise to know that the world is also listening, waiting in silent space to speak and be heard.

In all travels, it is important to remember the way; the way back to the sacred. We must all find this path eventually, whether in this life or another. This path begs us to be; to be our true self, not our persona, not our mask, not our neighbor. Once we learn how to “Be” we then can move into a place of peace, no matter where our feet stand.

In travels, we enter into ourselves. When we move far from home, we feel both empowered and scared; alive and saddened; fearful yet hopeful. We can experience all compliments of life this way when we look inward; into a sphere of self, a sphere of being.

In this life, we all enter into many spheres. We come to new places, new views. Sometimes we revisit old places, familiar scenery. Other times we follow our hearts, and we may come to both a new and familiar place. This is all I hope for in life, for those to find comfort and sanctuary; harmony and concord with being. And let’s all face it… “Being” is often a trial. But it only feels this way on the surface.

Being is very much a reality of our own choices, and at the same instant, caused by the pressure of colliding forces unseen, unthought, and unknowable.

Being is life, and it is death. It is living, it is birth, and it is daily breath. Realize this and.. Be alive, Just simply be… And you will surely Become.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Be… Just a Thought

  1. Life is too short!! Our age and health is withering away right before us. Let’s make use of it today. Blessed is the man whom God has made a key for good and a lock for evil.

  2. Your opening paragraphs reminded me of something I read – I think but am not sure it was Aldous Huxley in Doors of Perception. Huxley (if I have my reference right) suggested that consciousness itself evolved not as a way to gain better access to the world but as a filter for limiting access to the world, for blocking all the “ambient noise” as it were, so we could focus on a smaller zone of input more efficiently. And if I recall, he went on to say that hallucinogenics remove filters, quite literally expanding the scope of consciousness (and he struggles with whether the output is more akin to psychosis or enlightenment).

  3. You write so beautifully!! I just want to go on reading more and more!! You should write a whole book! (if you haven’t already done that). I have found that while traveling I become more free to see the world through renewed eyes. Many of my discoveries, which has taken place on the inside, has happened while traveling. I know that everything we seek is on the inside, there is also where I found everything, but traveling helps to open us up to the possibility of change and growth, at least for me. When we are released from our everyday life and routines we become more open to seeing the world differently and consequently seeing ourselves in the world differently, I think. And I also believe that when are freed from our daily chores then we have more time to explore ourselves on the inside. I love seeing new places and meeting new people! 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful wonderful article!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! And I completely agree. Traveling, and experiencing new places, things and people is food for the heart and soul. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  4. “…millions of grains of sand in the world why such a lonely beach?..” I’m almost embarrassed to admit where this comes from but I’ll fess-up – Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. There is quite a beautiful song in it. A young Scrooge sings about being alone in a world full of things and people…
    We can walk alone upon the sand, but are we alone? If we’re living and being then we’re comforted and in good company. Perhaps others are lonely because they don’t appreciate the sand…
    Your words are thoughtful and beautifully woven.

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