Image“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…” ~ Plato, The Symposium

Kismet, or Kismat.. The origin of this word falls well into ancient times. Fate, destiny, starcrossed, twin flames, soul mates.. these words are all used to describe a multitude of happenings that we cannot understand at the time; but only feel with our purest heart. What draws us to another soul, to a place, to a life altering decision, to a time of change sweetened by bliss? The power of Kismat; a predetermined collision of life, love, being and powerful happenings is written beyond time, beyond ages.. written upon the soul to travel with forever. Here in the sphere of Kismat, we explore our soul; our true reflections and those that complement our earthly lives.

What is this feeling that propels us? What is this universal magnet that throws us about chaotically, yet with well devised purpose and precision brings us to our most beautiful places in life? Where does this connection begin, where does it emanate from? What divine source is behind the curtain of life, moving hearts and minds, pairing souls together in love and harmony? The surge of life within that we feel to be Kismat, it is our own choice.. made of pure light from a timeless view above all awareness; made long ago.

Some go through life never acknowledging the simple truth that a connection is present between all things, all souls. But some do realize this, and embrace the synchronicity. Just as some eyes will always see without even opening, as hearts see, blind to all but the glow of spirit and what is righteous, some eyes will never see.. even when fully opened. One can see his starcrossed lover, and never know her name. One may walk next to his twin flame, but never look into her eyes. One can embrace his soul mate, and maybe never even realize it. Footprints of those entwined in life may never be seen side-by-side, but they are never truly apart.

We all feel this pull, this force of the heart when another person comes into our lives. Subtle at first… it grows louder, stronger.. pulling us closer together until we cannot deny what is simply a pure truth. We owe it to ourselves, to our own quest for happiness and harmony to open our hearts to the most random happenstance that makes its way to us.. For within this sphere we may finally find what we’ve been searching for.. Whether this is love, companionship or the realization of a lifelong dream, open the door to your Kismat. Unbusy your mind and allow for the universe to guide your feet… remembering that we’re always exactly where we need to be.

No effort is needed here.. no force, no strength, no endurance. It simply is. It needs only to be allowed, invited and embraced. Recognize that the flow of fate is entangled with chance, just as random as a leaf blowing recklessly among the breeze, so too is our kismat.

I am open to my kismat, whatever it brings my way. We should all open this door; unlock our hearts from the busy world and allow this power to transform our lives.

As we breathe, the balance of our lives will continually shift, move and rattle. We walk our paths by way of loops, detours and switchbacks.. but truly, we are always walking the same path to our final home. Would it not be better to walk with another.. along the same path, feet pressing against the same Earth; both hearts experiencing the same beauty; through two entangled souls?

I’ll choose to take a companion along should the universe be so kind…

As we ponder our lives, let us ponder along the margin of Kismat, in a sphere of destiny that floats among the winds of chance. Here you will find the ancient book of life.. the very scripture written by your own hand, and signed by another.



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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Kismat

  1. Stunning Jeremiah! And quite synchronistic for my day, though I’m not surprised lol

    “Here you will find the ancient book of life.. the very scripture written by your own hand, and signed by another” … Just became one of my favorite quotes ever… WOW.

    Thank you for the incredible insight as always!

    Love and light,
    Jennifer ❤ ❤

  2. Beautiful and joyful. Oooh, it made me so happy…I going to reblog your amazing post this time 😉

  3. So beautifully written… Thank-you 🙂 There is a knowing within that understands this to be true…

  4. Jeremiah,

    As always, a good post… but, I’m here mainly to give you a head’s up, re: your book… In today’s Pearl, (here: ) I included a section with photos and comments… one of the photos included a copy of your Book (which I picked up from Amazon…), as part of the story in the section… I also gave it a plug, and included the address of your home page, so anyone reading my post will be able to come there to see it, and hopefully, use it…. Just thought you should know I’m using your book as part of my post, but, traded a plug for the book… a pretty good plug, too, if I do say so meself…. Anywho, have a great day, my friend…

    Ned, aka gigoid, the dubious…

  5. “Would it not be better to walk with another.. along the same path, feet pressing against the same Earth; both hearts experiencing the same beauty; through two entangled souls?”

    That sums up this post perfectly. Energy is never lost, it is only transferred. We attract the energy we emit, which many fail to witness. What is far worse than this; the person that is our other half is usually in plain sight, but we block out all areas of witnessing what is right before us. They say the natural eye refuses to see what is truly there. I think this is 100% factually based, because with the natural eye, we allow superficial things to cloud our judgment when it comes to relationships. The post explained this very well.

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