Eight Billion.. and One


People are more connected to each other than they could possibly imagine.

According to people who count the heads on this sphere, apparently over eight billion human beings–people–are living and breathing, waking and feeling, suffering and loving on this little blue sphere of ours; billions of sentient creatures all scurrying about, staking their claims on the world and in life. With these billions of souls comes not only billions, but trillions of thoughts and ideas.

Where do these thoughts come from, from what mystic well do they spring? From within? From above? Perhaps from beyond that which lives even further beyond the boundaries of human thought, comprehension and reason?

This seems worthy of exploration.

It amazes me to know that I can create, that everyone can create. We are all creators, innately divine yet not realized; all a part of the grandness of the universe. We are created to create, to learn and feel harmony, love, anger, hardship and all other sensations which breath life into an otherwise inanimate sack of flesh. We are eight billion creators, intertwined with one another, yet this remains unknown, unrealized by far too many.

We should strive to think with the heart, with love; to feel and bless our world and each other by making it more beautiful, by harmonizing with all life.

Of all thoughts swirling around, above the firmament, what is a thought without action? What is action without being? Life begins before thoughts are known, so it begs to question where thought originates.

Perhaps, born into us are our own personal thoughts. Perhaps these thoughts find us on their own. Perhaps all thought is known, known by all yet unrealized, shared by all eight billion souls; just one soul fragmented, thinking one thought, fragmented. We may just be a fractal of one, a sliver of divinity.

Thought solves riddles and saves lives. It creates new and useful tools, games and art. Thought generates the world; a silent engine of sentient life. Thought may be truly born as we are born, and live longer than any of our finite minds and bodies could imagine. Thought is powerful. It is truth, it is lies, it is our world; our conscious and waking perception of reality. Thought manifests, and creates.

What if all eight billion had the same thought, at exactly the same moment? Imagine this:

A resounding bell of thought ringing in unison in all hearts and minds; one of consciousness and compassion, shifting our paradigm to new heights, to a new definition of living; living for love and love alone. The only thought and the only reality being absolute, pure, unconditional love. This thought would change the world forever.

For now, as time moves in its illusory way, thought remains. It was there before time, and exists forever in unison with eight billion souls. It will remain and prevail, forever as the soul does.

Know there is One. Know there are Many.

Marcus Aurelius once said, “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”  Let’s take this in…

In the end there is the one thought. One soul, one fractal, one sliver. One singularity of eight billion thoughts.



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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

35 thoughts on “Eight Billion.. and One

  1. It is funny…I was having a conversation with a friend tonight about this very thing…what if we all had the same thought and just decided to not participate in the illusion any longer, by being love and light, and moving in a direction that honors every thing?

  2. Dearest Jeremiah, really great to come by you and have to say that I adore your City! Love your writing style and interestingly – see a lot of my own in it. This is such a hopeful post and vision that is sure to come. Your name is an exact representation and the very essence of what it means. Kind regards and in the ‘Love’ you speak of.

  3. “Thought generates the world; a silent engine of sentient life.” Love that!
    Thank you for following my blog and it was a pleasure reading your post. I shall meander through the rest as soon as I can.

  4. Wow some great thoughts here. Reminds me of nights spent talking about the collective consciousness and the energy of the human essence. Hugs

  5. First, thank you for following my almost unread blog. It really meant a lot to me.
    I love this post for a huge number of reasons, but I was touched by your feelings about unconditional and universal love. It pains me how much people seem to focus on success and purpose as anything other than the love of humankind and life, because outside of that, what really is the point? I try to spend this time I have on Earth growing and connecting with other people, because that’s what I see to be the point of life on this Earth. I’m trying to inspire others to do so as well, but it’s not always easy. Thank you for sharing this with the world; I don’t think there’s a more appropriate and necessary message to send to people than one of seeking love.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Everyone has a unique voice, and to be able to use it to spread the message of love is essential. My philosophy is just what you described. We are here not for ourselves, but to lift each other to a higher place; a place of grace. I wish you the best with your writing! As long as you speak from the heart, it doesnt matter who listens, or reads.. Because your message will be heard. Happy holidays!

      1. Thank you, this was a wonderful read. Words and language are instrumental in influencing the process of self-creatorship.

        I have pondered on words and the origin and meaning of the words. I have pondered on the mechanism of thoughts and thinking. I have pondered specifically on words such as connected in the understanding and expression of Oneness.

        Perception is most definitely everything. Each persons perception is influenced by their awareness, and their consciousness. This influences all expressions. Just as oil poured into a bucket of water eventually affects all the water in the bucket, so to are new thoughts affecting all consciousness.

        As the result of direct experience of self I came to the realization that I am the thinker and the manifestation of the thought. The thought cannot be dissected from the manifestation of it, therefore I am the thought and the realization of IT. Awareness comes prior to the formation of thought and thoughts exist as energy.

        What I have come to realize the word connection is a miss representation of the truth. Being connected or not connected is a perceptual misunderstand. Just as the clouds are not separate from the atmosphere so to am I not separate from the Universe, I am that.

        I came to the understanding that all thoughts are vibratory and arise from various aspects of the one source. Humanity is restoring its sensitivity to life.

        To understand humanity and how we have forgotten our Divine nature is to understand how the brain, mind, body, work in relation to consciousness. The use of language is instrumental in the pictures produced in the brain and these pictures influence creatorship. The words each uses in the expression of thought are like the feathers making up a birds wings the feathers influence flight.

        Much love and infinite blessings,

  6. what a powerful thought..eight million lives thinking the same thought..it would rock our world I believe..
    great post..and your vocab is amazing.. 🙂

  7. Hi – Thanks very much for following my blog! This is a beautiful post and very much in keeping with some of my thoughts. I express my creativity in my writing, primarily poetry for now. I actually did post a poem expressing some of the sentiments here a while back called “Hidden Treasures.” I look forward to reading more of your posts,

  8. As per usual with your post that so keep in time with my path of deeper self discovery. One of my favorite quotes is in keeping with our finding the connection without to within: “Prayer is telephoning to God, and intuition is God telephoning to you.”
    Shinn, Florence Scovel
    Your words ring so deep and clear… Thank you for your sharing your insights!!

  9. Interesting thought and exposition. But I am sneakily glad that the ten thousand are still ten thousand and not one — it lends interest and uncertainty, hence, surprise.

  10. I am a great believer in ‘cosmic consciousness’ and strongly feel; everything interconnects….I’m sure you’re heard of the monkey on the island washing his potato in the sea, only for it to be discovered; monkeys on neighbouring islands did the same thing, even though there was no physical meeting between the 2 groups.
    Thank you for dropping by, and the follow. Travel safe 🙂

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