Fear of Life


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

I cannot help but to speak my mind here. As we are all aware of the love in the world, we are all certainly aware of the evil that lives alongside us every day. My heart is sad for all those brutally killed in Paris. My love and thoughts are with those who lost their dear ones, their friends and their family. I hope that in their bereavement they are to find hope and peace. I pray that they do not find fear.

I try to tell myself that there just can’t be this much hatred and darkness in the world. I try to convince myself that hope still exists for mankind. But what is this word, mankind? Is man truly kind to anything? A person is kind at times. But, are we collectively a kind species, or are we afraid of ourselves? Are we so afraid of life that we cannot live in peace?

In the wake of the horrible attacks in Paris, it seems that people have thrown their frustrations and fears once again into the wide world of social media. My news-feed is trumped with hateful posts condemning all Muslims, condemnation of Islam as a whole, and vows of vengeance and retaliation fill the air, the news and the radio.

American states revoke or do not want the acceptance of any Syrian refugees. People buy guns, ammunition and stay glued to their news media for more information on the unfolding terror. ISIS vows to attack America in Washington, spreading its reign of hellfire across the globe until only Islam remains.

This is the world we live in. This is the world that we have created for ourselves, believe it or don’t.

This is the fear of life. It is caused from thousands of years of religious persecution on all sides, prejudice and blind ego; wars are created and fought in the name of God, countries taken, slaves taken, people are burned, shot and beheaded and resources are seized all in the name of the most high. Those who fight this way know nothing of God, nothing of spirit and nothing of peace. These men only know terror, vengeance and fear.

They are too afraid of life to live peacefully.

Some buy into the fear. Some vow to fight back. Opinions of differing views cause rifts within families and friendships. This further isolates us from one another. The more fear we accept, the more we project fear onto each other and out into the world. We are silently causing our own demise, through this fear of life.

We must not fear life. This is no way for any sentient being to live. Once we become fearful, we change. We change the energy within and around us. We become a negative vibration. We become a tuning fork for more fear, more carnage and more madness. We are unknowingly tuning into chaos, becoming rage. We become everything that the merciless enemies of the world want us to become. We become like them through this fear of life.

Stay vigilant through the darkness and seek only light. Replace fear with hope.

My hope remains strong for all people. In my heart, I believe there to be far more love and light in the world than what we may see or hear about today. Only in the hearts of many will we find the peace that we all truly seek in life.

Do not fear life and never fear the light even in the darkness. Embrace it and shine.

Prayers of love and peace for all.

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12 thoughts on “Fear of Life

  1. I’d never thought of it this way before, but you’re right that fearful people become a tuning fork for more fear. Thank you for this eloquent reminder to turn toward the light instead.

  2. Fear does drive a good amount of activity. In the end, humans are simply animals, no better, despite so-called consciousness, so we naturally destroy other animals/humans when in fear, and most humans act no more rational than a fearful mouse. I have fears and they make me hate humanity.

    1. Being a former combat Marine, I can tell you that killing or destroying another human being is in no way a natural act, even when in fear. The correlation between humans being simple minded “conscious” animals is purely foolish in thought. And your ending statement proves the underlying thesis of this post. Your fear makes you hate. But your fear could easily make you look within and find the courage to love instead. Best wishes.

  3. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with us, very meaningful.
    The Bible says something about there will always be wars and rumors of wars but it does not say give up, live in fear, hate thy enemy. It only speaks of love and doing on to others, as you would have them do unto you. Terrorists around the world are creating fear and hatred in every land, this is surely the work of Satan. As long as they have people willing to sacrifice their lives, by blowing themselves and others up, a terrorized world will continue to live in shock. It is all so sad, we should all study love and prayer.

  4. Thank you for your very thoughtful, truthful, helpful and eloquent remarks. You are not alone in your thinking. A day or two after this attack, a father with a six-year-old son was interviewed near one of the flower-laden memorials set up to honor the victims. The little boy was frightened and convinced that the family had to move to get away from the “bad guys.” This wise and loving father told his son that they did not have to move, that France is their home and that he should not worry because they had flowers. When the little boy observed that flowers “don’t do anything” his father assured them that they did. This man was absolutely right. As long as we have the ability to offer flowers to one another, we have the ability to create peace. I have savored these words which have insulated me a bit from the hatred out there. Truly, thank you for sharing this!

    1. I saw the same video not too long ago myself. And yes, what his father told him was not only precious but gave the young boy a way to step out of fear and back into life. Thank you for your kind words! All the best to you.

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