Change of seasons from winter to summer

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hāfez

Change lives in the constant sphere of transformation. In this, transformation is life. We all transform, we all grow, we all change. It is only the basic understanding of this that most people care to know. But, in this sphere, we should be diligent to look deeper.

What changes? Everything.

The tide, the moon, the seasons, the air that we breathe and the cells in our body are constantly, moving, changing, shifting and becoming different. Life is becoming different.

Even emotion. The emotion you’re feeling right now is changing, evolving, growing. Even as I write these words my thoughts and emotions are constantly moving, being born and receding, making way for other thoughts and emotions. We cannot stay in the same place. We are change.

I can recall the first time I walked across a fast moving river. It was hard to stand up straight. It was difficult to move, to step forward and to maintain balance. This is the perfect example for standing still within constant change, within the sphere of transformation.

We cannot stop the force that changes us, the force that changes our world and our lives.

In standing still, I could feel the constant power of the water flowing around me. It never stopped, it never slowed. Its motion was ever constant, ever flowing, ever changing.

People are often resilient to change. We enjoy being comfortable, we like to know what we know, and leave it at that. We want no surprises and we desire our lives to be comfortable within an ever changing body and an ever changing world. This is foolish. We must all embrace transformation.

To cross the river of change is a challenge. The other side is close, but the journey is not one met without strength. And, to stand still while within the constant power of change leaves no room for error. We must allow ourselves to flow with the waters of this transformation. We must realize the change that flows around us and within us all, especially when we try to stand against it.

To awaken the heart is to transform. We become the change that we live and that which we desire. It is from within that we are able to flow outward through all change.

Change is the law. It is the universal constant. We change emotionally, physically and spiritually at all times, every second of every day, within every beat of our hearts.

Stand within the river of change, and be aware of its waters. Transform and live.

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12 thoughts on “Transform

  1. This is perfect!!! Eloquently wrote, with images that bring to life the feeling of transformation and change… as it is happening in each living moment of Now! Thank you!

  2. Although we witness change since we become aware of the world around us, still we decide not to bestow our best efforts to it. Not an easy task, not a welcomed deed, but yet as you said so much needed.

  3. Enjoyed this! It was well put. In my own life, and probably the lives of others, the older I get the faster the streams seem to go. Is it really that change is coming more rapidly, or is it my perception of the change is greater? Great article. Great thoughts.

  4. “Stand within the rivers of change and be aware of its waters. Transform and live.” On a more practical level, I babysit for my four young grandchildren. They are 1, 2, 3 and 9. Your words are remarkably applicable to caring for children. It is an incredibly transforming experience, where change is a constant companion and joy is ever present. I wish more young women embraced the rewards of marriage and the life-changing experience of raising their own children, rather than waste their precious youth chasing pointless, illusive “happiness” through a radical, second-wave feminist lifestyle defined by “career.”

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