“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”
Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

Life is born from creation. In this we find the creator’s spark within us all, born from creation and resurrection. The two are synonymous with life. This gift of life begs no question, no want or need for validation, only to be, only to live within us all. We all dwell in the sphere of life, and within this lives our inner resurrection.

During this time we remember God’s only begotten son, sent to us to deliver the sins of the world through him. This is Palm Sunday, the Passion, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This is the living memory of creation, deliverance and resurrection. It is under these stars when we remember this innate part of our being through a Christian tradition. But this is only one part of the whole.

Inner resurrection happens with us all. It happens when we realize our own truths, when we finally begin learning who we truly are, how we believe and how we wish to live. It happens when we make a choice to change from within, to change our heart and mind towards altruism and good work. Throughout life, this choice to live righteously touches us all over and over again.

A large part of my life I’ve spent with wondrous eyes pointed at adventure, fueled by the vast unknown, inspired by culture, far away places, maps, globes and even the tattered atlas I once found in my Grandfather’s car. It is through this that I first found my love for experiencing life, for experiencing the world.

As I experienced my world I learned from others. I became inspired by great minds, by great works of art and writing and by the simple kind gestures of strangers, friends and family. These are forever ingrained in my mind, and part of my own resurrection, part of my life and my world.

In experiencing life, we must also share experience with one another. We must give our own resurrection back to the world. We must aspire to inspire those around us. It is through this shared unity that the people of the world, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jew or any other faith, color or creed, may learn of of each other and become resurrected as well.

During this time of celebration, reverence and faith we must not only remember that which is taught by our own personal faith, but by the faith and experience of life and of others that have touched our lives.

We must not only remember HIS resurrection, but we must invoke our own resurrection, remembering those special moments which shaped us, and those special people who’ve touched our hearts.

We are all born of light, though we may all experience darkness. Through good work the light will always open the heart.

Remember life, remember resurrection and remember yourself. We are part of all, and all are part of us.

Happy Easter.


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