Joy of Life

Life's enjoyment
Life’s enjoyment

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

It’s often said that hope is the foundation for the future, that within hope resides the dreams of tomorrow. As all men dream and aspire, hope rests before the frontier of greatness. It is within hope that we find a simple truth of life, that all people have this pervading hope. But hope is a mere fractal of the greater energy from which it comes.

In a sphere of hope, we pass beyond the margins of hope alone and find something existing at a much higher vibration.

It’s obvious as we all enter a room full of people that some are visibly happier than others. Some may be distant, occupied by thoughts. Others appear angered, distracted or otherwise unpleasant. While some exude an energy that attracts others to them like a magnet, holding a vibrant energy of happiness and comfort.

While everyone in the room may very well have hope for better things, hope for this or hope for that, it is only a select few that this energy emanates so brightly from. These are the people that always seem to have everything together, the ones who appear to have everything always going their way. It is simply because these people have seen beyond hope, and reached out to its higher source.

They have harnessed the power of pure joy.

Joy, love and feelings of abundance are all qualities that penetrate and brighten even the darkest room. It is nearly impossible to thwart a truly joyous person with negativity. And those who understand the power of intention also understand that whatever happens, be it negative or positive, is always a gift.

These are the things that we must cultivate awareness of, and be thankful for.

I can recall several times where it seemed that nothing could bring me down, nothing could kill my vibe. These are my moments of pure joy, when the feeling of unconditional love and a sense of pure comfort surrounded me.

During these moments there was no room for fear, no room for doubt and no room for anything other than the feeling of belonging to a greater purpose, part of a higher and most divine source.

One particular moment occurred as a swam in a river while out on a canoe trip. A small dragonfly was buzzing about as I floated on my back in the cool river water, then abruptly landed on my nose.

Now this may not seem like anything special to someone else, but it was in that moment when I knew that everything was going to be just fine. I had an overwhelming sense of comfort in knowing this truth, that God and the universe truly had my back. I simply smiled and watched nearly cross-eyed as the dragonfly buzzed slowly away.

I found in that short moment that feeling humbled by the simplicity of nature, by attuning to my feelings, I could without a doubt change my perspective, and begin manifesting my intentions into reality.

This happened during a period of great uncertainty in my life. I’d just ended a long relationship and in my haste and selfishness decided to move out to California, which didn’t work out very well. A month later I found myself back at square one, with hardly anything and among a wake of burnt bridges.

Not but two months passed after that day in the river where everything began to shift for the better, and my understanding of my purpose began to sharpen and gain focus.

I realized then that life didn’t just stop being beautiful and glorious simply because I was in a state of misfortune and regret. I realized that the joy I sought was within and around me, all the time.

And, it always is.

Since that day my focus and awareness has continually grown, and though I still have ups and downs, I’m now thankful for my struggles and for the lessons I learned from them.

The universe is always sending us messages. Whether in the form of a dragonfly, or a tree crashing through the roof. Synchonicity exists in all things.

In life we must have hope, we must have dreams and visions of the life and purpose we yearn to fulfill.


We must bring joy into our lives. We must become joyous in all that we do, and find joy in the smallest and most simple happenings of our lives. It is within this sphere where our most passionate thoughts and feelings become reality.

Be the joy you wish to have in your life. Live with pure intention, hoping beyond the simplicity of hope and opening the door to the awareness that what you truly hope for already exists for you.

You are the stuff dreams are made of, might as well live like it.



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11 thoughts on “Joy of Life

  1. I feel this kind of joy even when mourning – an odd juxtaposition, but it seems to be what you’re talking about. Once you have that awareness that there’s a bigger energy and strength and purpose, even large setbacks are surmountable. You know they’ll pass, and you can see the small moments of beauty in the darker days.

    Just after my dad passed away, I was rinsing my coffee cup and a hummingbird came and hovered for a long time in front of the kitchen window in front of me. There were no flowers in that part of the yard – nothing to bring the little fellow to stay except perhaps a message of joy to me…something my father and I shared. I felt my father’s dear spirit there with me, and I quit feeling so alone.
    That’s not to say my grief was gone, but I saw sad beauty and wistful moments instead of darkness. I understood that the pain and sadness were manifestations of my love for him, and I’m still honored and comforted to experience that deep love.

    Thanks for sharing with us! I love your posts. There are so many blogs that talk about yoga or Zen or various forms of spirituality or positive thinking, but they discuss it in the abstract like a text book or in a shallow non-experiential manner. Or they’re an expression of someone wishing or searching to find joy, and it’s evident they don’t know inside themselves what they’re writing about. But I can feel your joy and understanding, and it’s helpful and good of you to share the context and experiences that brought you and bring you further into this good place.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Yes it is truly simple at the foundation of it all. What we see and feel exists simultaneously in both of its compliments, be it happy or sad, joy or pain. Recognizing that both are always there is just the beginning. 😊 All the best to you.

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