The Door

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
~Harriet Tubman

Often we come to the precipice of the unknown. This happens in many ways. The impossible thought, the intangible reality we desire and the vaporous dream that we cannot touch. These are but simple thought-forms, but they are the beginning of something much greater than ourselves.

These are the doors through which we may travel to become manifestors of life.

It begins as a simple glimpse in the mind. A flash. An almost clairvoyant moment where that brief thought just happens out of nowhere. But this thought stands out. It holds a power, a vibration that resounds throughout the body. It ripples through our being and we know for but a second that something truly magical just happened.

These are our true dreams and wishes being spoken to us by our higher selves. This is the voice of creation that we all have residing within us.

Deep within, we all know what we desire most. We all have a flame that cannot be extinguished. It is a light that burns for eternity, powering the universe within us all.

This universe is in constant motion, and our inner voice is always speaking to us.

So many of us let this voice go unheard. Many of us hear it but ignore it. Others hear it and listen, and their lives take on a bright new skin, radiating joy and gratitude all along their path.

I often have these moments. Suddenly and without warning, something feels lighter. A part of my being is uplifted and a light shines from a far off place, like a guiding star that begs me to follow. I am shown a door that I must open, and many times I have turned the other way. Or, I’ve but peeked inside and slammed it shut.

These doors lead us along the way of our path. And to many, the way is clouded and unclear. Why would a rational person give up the life they know to pursue a dream? That’s just insane, isn’t it?

Or, is insanity the reason we live half of our lives wishing for another life?

We must all use the door when it opens to us. Once we have that burning desire to move, act or change, we must seize it and never hesitate. Because the door only opens once in a while. Our timing must be true for us to be true to ourselves, and to finally unfold our lives to the greater purpose that we desire to serve.

It takes courage to step onto the true path; to embrace one’s calling and purpose in life. In doing this, the life you’ve lived previously may crumble to the ground and be lost forever. But, as within all of life’s chrysalis’, the beauty that emerges thereafter is exquisite.

The door is there, be certain. And, many of us may search for a lifetime before finding it. But for those of us who have found the door..

Let’s open it, and take the step.

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