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“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life … to strengthen each other … to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”
— George Eliot

We all have many people in our lives whom we care for, love and cherish. Many of these faces have come and gone, and many still remain. It is in the space of this thought where I often wonder about all of the faces that I’ve seen, even be it for a brief moment, but then I never see again.

Our eyes meet for reasons unknown. Our paths cross for simple hello’s. But some of us have known each other before time began.

These are those we’ve always known.

I wonder just how many people one meets in their life on average. Possibly thousands I would imagine. And of all these faces, each one directly impacts our experience in this world. That face that catches your eye while at the gas station, or that voice that begs you to turn your head at the grocery store. The smile from someone special that you forever see in your mind.

All of these faces move our world, change our lives and deepen our connection to something greater than ourselves.

Recently I was reminded of just how much a face can bring about the strongest feelings, the most pure emotion and kindle a flame that burns forever deeply within. With this face, there exists a space of wonder in the eye that imparts a magic that I cannot describe. It delivers a sense of knowing, a familiarity that transcends the boundary of time and speaks of a bond that was forged beyond and before all that is knowable.

It is a feeling of safety. A feeling of home.

It is true that we meet ourselves in others, if we should have vision enough to see.

With all the faces that dwell in our world, there are those that we feel we’ve always known. We feel as if our story began long ago, and is continuously being written. We need only see them for a brief moment to know that we know them, and that we always have.

As stars are forged by the strongest power of the universe, so too are the souls that we’ve always traveled with.

We are of stardust, and some of us have the ability to recognize our sojourn with the ones we hold dear as an everlong dance through time, always meeting, always reliving our experience.

And in our dance, we rejoice in the familiar flame of passion and in the love we were created from.

It is truly up to us to continue the dance.

We should all take time to learn of the faces that we meet. We should learn of their joys, and their sorrow. Of their gifts and their faults. We must savor each moment with one another as it was our last. Because this worldly life of ours is so brief, so short on the grand scale of cosmic order that wasting just one second is the same as wasting an entire life.

And we will not waste. We will be together when we can, in this moment. We will share our thoughts when we have the opportunity, stare at each other in wonder and feel the warmth between our hearts as a bond of love.

We must tell them of our love, offer our duty, be humbled by their struggles and uplifted by their triumphs.

We must bare our souls, and see each other for the true light that we are.

Pouring our hearts out to those we care for is not weakness, and it is not strength…

It is love, simple and pure.

So it is up to us..

Don’t waste a second.

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15 thoughts on “Everlong

  1. Magnificent and exactly the most perfect post to find in coming out of my meditation on connecting and letting go!!! Thank you!


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