But Hope Lives On

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“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”
Paulo Coelho, Brida

It’s hard to be let down. Having hopes and wishes, dreams and goals; all of these are good. They keep us looking forward, daring ourselves to achieve more, to plan our lives and move with intrepid stride among our world. But, times come when our hopes are dashed, stricken from our hearts and removed from our world.

We may always be within reach, just a tiny space for our hands to move beyond that we may have our hopes cradled. And in this space; this moment is when, between our outstretched arms and our hope, we watch as the space widens, and our hopes vanish before our eyes.

All people go through these periods of being let down. We lament over what we wish we could’ve had. We struggle to achieve our goals but fall short of reaching them. We long for relationships to be born into a perfect idea of that harmonious life we all pine after. But in the end, they never live up to our ideas. In fact, the idea is perfect. But the reality never is.

During these doldrums of the heart we must not look poorly on our lives. We must not become sucked into the fixation of not having what we want, or into the depression and sadness that comes when we finally feel our hopes have been lost.

Because this is not so…

Our hopes are truly never lost.

Our hopes are alive and breathing. Living perfectly within us all the while. Even though we may have lost a prize, lost in love or things appear to have gone in an unexpected direction, hope still remains. It has just simply become quiet.

Its silence only exists for us to remember it, and find it again.

Recent times in my life have given me great hope. They have given me a smile that I might walk around for hours with that never fades. These hopes of mine have often been of simple things I wish to accomplish, those ardent dreams I wish to chase, and at times, the hope for certain people to be a part of my life, those that I long to be with.

I’ve sat for hours, simply in awe of my own hopes, and this alone has brought me through times of loss and heartache. But even though many of my hopes have been lost to unfortunate circumstance, I still remember them. And I still know they are real, and tangible.

For all those who have lost hope, this is but a lesson on letting go. Hope doesn’t have to recede. It may stay with us and be welcome. But our ideas of attaining a specific thing for our own happiness must be remodeled, or completely let go of altogether.

We must all let go in order to move on. Happiness is not found by clinging.

Happiness must be found within. It must be the blossom of the heart. Seeking it outside of ourselves is a quest that is never finished, a battle that we’ll forever fight with ourselves.

Keep your hope alive. Let it grow as you do. Let it change as you do. When your hope grows quiet, seek out the purest voice of the heart, and life will flow beyond hope.

Then a magic will happen..

It is then where you will find happiness. It will be visible all around you, found in subtle moments; moments of divine perfection that only you may see.

And then you will realize, it’s coming from only you.



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12 thoughts on “But Hope Lives On

  1. I just got around to reading this today – behind with my inbox. Just wanted you to know that your words really turned today around for me. I got up this morning having to deal with a disappointment. Thank you.

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