From the Bluff

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha

Choosing to see truth sets us upon a path of change, a whirlwind of thought and into the arms of life.

This is the most dynamic sphere of them all, and one that most words cannot capture.

I like to write about roads and paths, movement and change, life and choices. I find that writing in a clear voice, baring all, calling on my own experiences and being pure in words brings a true power to the page.

And these aren’t simply my favorite topics. These are the building blocks of experience I feel. It is within these spheres where we find our longings, our drive and our soul’s footprints. It is here where we come to know ourselves.

And it is by knowing ourselves first that we begin to know purpose, the secret spaces of life and the hearts of others.

For me, I find most of my answers in the natural landscape wherever I dwell. And today, I noticed a subtle reminder of life.

I’m surrounded by bluffs where I live. These natural mounds line the region here immediately east of the Mississippi river. Though small and proud, some are even steeper in grade than the mountain passes I’ve traversed out west, and being near them speaks of how we all travel around the obstacles in our lives, or the ladders of triumph that we must climb to achieve.

These mounds allow one to look on and wonder of its view. They beckon the heart to travel upward or beg the mind to go around them. But it is those who choose to climb and see from the top who will truly hold the view that the heart longs to witness.

The bluffs of life line our rivers of travel. They are our lookout points, revealing the way forward on our journey here.

And it is here where we all call upon our courage to answer our calling and truly find our purpose.

But some choose to pass these bluffs by, waiving their chance to view the horizon from a higher perspective. And those who do, will naturally come to only know an isolated view of life. But the choice is always there, it is always at hand and ready to be taken; to see new roads and to see new bends, to stand atop the mound of life and take in of the gift offered to all.

I’ve always chosen to explore the highest peaks, to travel the forgotten path and to make my own way through the forest of life. I find solace and ethereal vibrancy in the small spaces that go so often overlooked. It is here in these hidden places where truth is found.

We can all learn so much from our natural world. It is given to us like a map of the heart.

And those who choose to explore this world will find that they are in fact exploring their own selves.

So go softly onto the earth around you, and leave your footprint in the small spaces. For this will be the first step onto the true journey of self-exploration.

When we come to know the small things, we begin to find our own becoming.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “From the Bluff

  1. I tend to ignore the natural world, spending days on end inside the house. My time is so easily filled with work, habits, and depressive thoughts. You have reminded me of the need to connect with nature. Thank you.

  2. Amazing post today. These words spoke to me in a voice I needed to hear after my early morning meditation. What a great gift to receive so early in the day. I am sending much love and gratitude to you for writing your truth!

  3. Wow, very cool. I do not get to travel anymore, and have found here, dozens who share their lives. I am grateful for you and them, as all of you help to keep my world alive.
    Looking forward to looking into and sharing your world now as well. Thank you for the like.

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