The Joy of Change


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

Sometimes we all have a little hope shine down on us, and this usually comes in such a simple form. It can be delivered upon a breeze, or in taking in a breath of the new morning air. It can be found in a frenzy of thoughts that one sits with on a warm spring night. Or it can be a subtle feeling that everything is really just fine, perfectly imperfect and unfolding as it should.

In this sphere of hopefulness we find what we are most grateful for. And it is usually found upon the coming of sudden change.

I’ll be the first to admit that not everything goes according to our plans, or even more common, rarely do things work out the way we think they will. Too many factors play a role. And these are too many to keep up with, too many to assert control over or manipulate to our liking.

We must understand that though we may have good intention and diligently pursue our endeavors, things come along that will abruptly change our world, and our plans.

The key is to embrace change rather than resist it. And it is in being grateful for change that we find the way to flow along with it.

Just a year ago I was poised to move away to Houston. I had everything in order, money saved, a new car and plans to get where I wanted to be; closer to my daughter. And I did make the move. Things fell into place perfectly and I can safely say that the universe was on my side. Everything moved in accord to my plan and vision from finding a job to leasing an apartment remotely. Once I was there I could hardly believe what I’d accomplished, but yet I was truly grateful.

But even more change was on the horizon..

I loved my new apartment, my new space and my new area of the world that I found myself in. I loved having my daughter only six miles away. I even began to love my new job, and in one moment while sitting on my porch at night feeling satisfied I truly thought I had finally made sense of life and things couldn’t get any better.

But things did get better..

I found out soon after that day that I was once again a father. But my infant son was back home, and over the coming months a choice was made.

I made several trips back and forth until finally deciding to leave the life I’d just built and move home to raise my son. And now, over six months later, I’m doing just that though relying on family and for the first time in a long while not having gainful employment. Things are tough at times, but they aren’t impossible.

Despite everything I’d worked for, everything I’d given up and the future that I thought was set in stone for me, I am not in the least bit regretful. Now, I get to wake up every day and see a young face smiling at me, readying me for the world each morning. I get to watch him grow, learn and laugh. I have become his world, and he has become mine. For this, I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

What some may see as a struggle, I look upon as a true blessing. And, now I have two children, a son who gives me hope, drive and purpose, and a loving daughter who understands why her father had to make such a decision.

It takes a lot to embrace and understand the changes that happen in our lives. They often come when we least expect them, and often tear down what we’ve built. We all want things to flow smoothly, but we forget that we must flow too.

Like a river, life has its eddy; its ebb and its flow. It has its own current, and it is only in mastering the changing of our waters that we may master the flow of life as it comes to us.

Change truly is the only constant of life..

We should all embrace the changes life brings, for in them are joys that we may never have known without such upheaval.

For me, I can’t imagine my life any other way.

These are the moments that shape our lives, and the ones that we will never forget.

Master your waters, and be grateful for all change.


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6 thoughts on “The Joy of Change

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your son! Your post illustrates beautifully how even positive changes in our lives require us to make tough choices sometimes, and sacrifices. My very best to you as you start this new chapter in your life.

  2. Though the reasons for change in my life these days are a bit different from yours, your wisdom serves me well. Thank you for your writing. I know God already looks upon you and those two wonderful children with great love. Still, I write, “God bless!”

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