How Authentic Are You?


“When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.” ― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

We come to a place here where if not for our own reasons, we’re prompted by either outside or internal forces to do or say things that do not fall in line with our true nature. This prevarication of the heart is sometimes so far outside of ourselves that we don’t readily notice it when it happens. But looking in the mirror and seeing our own reflection will surely prove otherwise.

We cannot deny the truth that lives within. And so it goes with baring ourselves fully for all to see.

For those of us in the writing and blogging world, becoming a lighthouse of truth is by far the greatest asset in our arsenal in order to deliver our message to the world. Personally, I believe that one can easily detect a fake or a fraud, and this falsehood can easily be noticed with the written word.

Authenticity grants us trust, whereas even the tiniest blurb of deceit has the power to destroy any foundation.

One of my favorite movies—Kingdom of Heaven—delivers a few powerful lines of dialogue that can be easily adapted into one’s everyday life. Though we are far and removed from the time of the Crusades, the basic thought behind this dialogue remains true. In particular, there is a scene where young Balian must swear an oath delivered by his dying father.

Part of this oath demands,

“Always tell the truth, even if it means your death.”

In thinking on this simple commandment, I wondered just how many people would readily die in the face of telling the truth.

How many of us would give our lives to remain true to our word?

It seems to me in these times, where a man’s word holds nothing near the weight it used to, not many people would even consider making such a sacrifice.

But this is a problem that only we can resolve individually.

In a world where deceit is rampant, it only takes one moment of standing up for the truth to show how bright and powerful our authenticity can be.

I recall a conversation not too long ago where an acquaintance and I were talking about a business opportunity. Basically I was the one being pitched. And during the conversation I was well aware of many false statements and flat out lies that I was being told. Not only did this turn me off to the entire situation, I refused to continue speaking and ended the call altogether.

I haven’t spoken to him since that day, and I doubt we will for the foreseeable future.

Though this is a simple example, we all know when we are being misled. It creates an energetic shift within, a sharp sense of discomfort and physiologically heightens stress. This is not a natural state of being.

Being authentic in our endeavors allows us more than just a good name, or imparting a sense of trust to those around us. It gives us a true picture of who we really are, not only to others, but to ourselves as well.

In whatever we do, we must be authentic to ourselves. This is the starting point for living a truth that is born within, and it is ground zero for the journey of knowing our own hearts desires.

The reflection we see is not what others see, but if our reflection itself isn’t authentic even to us, it never will appear so to anyone else.

The authentic life begs us all to bear true witness.

In doing so, perhaps we may all walk a bit taller,

Secure and confident,

Finally able to smile back at our own reflections.

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9 thoughts on “How Authentic Are You?

  1. “Though this is a simple example, we all know when we are being misled.”
    For me there are times when it is clear, other times less so. (I’ve also found some people seem to have a sharper sense for this then others.)
    It’s easy to contemplate with painful regret the times i missed it — when i did not have that sense i was being misled, and then looking back, it seems it ought to have been so obvious.
    The challenge, once the ability to trust has been eroded, is to choose authenticity anyway.

  2. Very beautifully written expressed.
    I can relate to this post and totally agrees to the point of being authentic to ourselves. Only if one can be honest and authentic to himself, he can expect honesty from others…!

  3. I wonder if…The true-me of Self lives in fear of the cost of not impressing the true-you of Self? When if ever will the me and you’s of the world realize our connection far afield from the trite fatality of words put into false sentences? Even if my ears must adjust several times from the ringing, I’ll take authenticity in stereo every time!

  4. This is excellent. I’m currently covering “30 Habits for Happiness” on my blog, and day 5 is “Be Honest.” I’m going to include a link to this article on that day, if you don’t mind. It goes well with what I have written about honesty. TIA, Becca

  5. Yes, we absolutely need to be our authentic and true selves. When we look into the mirror and are proud of that reflection, we have reason for joy. When we look and are unhappy with what we see, we need to work on transforming what we see as best we can. Though we are who we are, this doesn’t mean that we can’t work at evolving into better selves. Thank you for the encouragement to be and to evolve!

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