The Middle Finger of Gratitude


“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Often we hear about the attitude of gratitude, this innate power that rests within us all; for us to access at any moment.

It has become the idiom for many best-selling books, the foundation for multi-million dollar platforms and the like. However, these are mostly diluted versions that have set out to explain a power beyond comprehension. Most are but false shadows of what true gratitude can harness.

Those who might seek to stand upon a pulpit and preach of this higher perspective should take heed to learn a few things. Besides, I think my version is better.

For gratitude is just a small particle among the atmosphere of love.

But what is gratitude?

What is the essence of this power?


It is a power greater than that of a nuclear sun contained in one simple thought. It is power enough to manifest a change within and around us all. Powerful as a perfectly spoken word that resounds in the mind, changing thoughts, physiology and chemistry. It is the true cause of manifestation.

Gratitude is power. It is raw energy.

It is the beginning of a powerful realization, the beginning of humility and the awareness of a universal presence.

In a sphere of abundance, gratitude is the middle finger of the soul.

We all have a life, this is obvious.

Life.. This simple four letter word contains so much mystery, so much joy and so much pain. It is eloquent. It is arrogant. And it is full of surprises.

Life makes us who we are through experience and through the long phase of learning.

For everything that life throws at us, we are lucky to be alive some days. Or at least sometimes we feel this way. No matter the joys of life, life can beat us down, throw bricks at us; it can build walls right in our path. It knocks us off of our ladders and destroys our foundations.

For all of the obstacles that we surmount, tenfold are sure to come our way thereafter. This is the nature of life, so we’ve been told.

And so many of us have experienced this part of life.

But to this, to all of this, we can simply say:

Fuck You… And, be grateful.

Because we all have something to be grateful for, probably much more than we can readily count. And it is that simple joy which has the power to make all of life’s misery crumble away.

It exists in one thought, and in one simple gesture.

And we can instantly defeat anything with this simple gesture.

With the middle finger of gratitude raised proudly; All is well, all will be well, and we then may realize one certainty:

It always has been.

Gratefulness is our weapon of choice along the road of assholes cutting us off in life’s traffic. Just as we can flip the finger to those around us who refuse to make driving a pleasurable (or at least a tolerable) experience, we can use this tool along the road of life as well when those situations arise in our lives that require a counter-intuitive approach.

In feeling and realizing gratitude, we free ourselves from the stress and worry that bind us to the grindstone; we sever the chain that tethers us to an energy that we do not have to accept or carry with us at all.


NO MATTER WHAT is going wrong, no matter what has you feeling stuck, blue or otherwise discontent, simply raise the flag of gratitude and fly beyond what brings you down.

It can be anything, just one simple thought that is yours alone to cherish.

And in this one simple thought, you’ll find the power to change your life, and to change the world around you.

You’re alive, right? So be grateful.

Recognize the power of gratitude, stare your problems in the eye..

And proudly flip the middle finger of the soul.

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5 thoughts on “The Middle Finger of Gratitude

  1. This is an interesting take in gratitude. I would never have thought to give it the middle finger. It’s good to remember when life is pummeling you with the slings and arrows of misfortune or the appearance thereof.

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