“The day we decide to drop the flimsy makeshift scenarios in our cluttered mind and eschew the ‘alleluias’ of self-importance, life can become genuine, lucid and graceful, like a flow of wellness in the glow of a new morning. (“Words flew away like birds”)”
Erik Pevernagie

We all have a thing inside of us that gets buried under years of life. This thing isn’t something that requires much effort to find, however, it is the very thing that seems to escape us over and over again, throughout most of our lives. In truth, that thing is who we truly are, and who we’ve always been.

Sadly, most of us are completely lost, lost from who we ever were..

But, we are the ones who prevent ourselves from becoming. We are the ones who bury ourselves, only to search for and find ourselves once again, one day, perhaps many years apart from the time where we began.

In this sphere, we must fully unfold to understand who we truly are. For our closed petals allow only a fraction of light.

It’s funny sometimes when I think about how simple things were when I was younger, of how easy life seemed to flow around me. No worries, no wants, no regimented routine of waking and working or anything of the like. Life was fun and open to a sense of adventure and wonder. And it is this very time, that time in our tender youth, where we can find our true selves, where we can recall our wishes, our dreams and what being genuine and curious truly felt like.

But then we grow..

Life becomes tedious. We become self-aware, or more aptly put, our ego wakes up, and it becomes aware of itself.

Then we sleep.. and our egos drive us onward.

We become closed off from our genuine source. We forget what drove us to smile and that feeling of looking to the open fields with eyes of intrepid fervor. We forget who we really are, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure ourselves back out again.

The whole thing is actually quite maddening, and seemingly foolish. However, in order to find your way back home, sometimes you have to forget about the path and simply travel the way.

And we all make our own way. No one else can show us the direction.

I learned recently through many subtle signs that who I was as a child was the person that I’ve been trying to find my whole life. I also learned again of the genuineness that we all must find in order to fully appreciate life, and to understand that what brings us joy will always bring joy to others as we share it with the world.

But it’s easy to forget ourselves in today’s world. We are bombarded with distraction. We are made to feel as though we must be great or be famous otherwise our lives mean nothing. We have entirely too much “stuff” that we don’t even need, and then we set about trying to acquire more stuff because we think we need it. All the while, we forget who we are, who we were, and we eventually even forget those around us, those who matter most.

We pretend too much..

Too much so that we’ve become actors in a play on a set that we record, and then watch ourselves. And we do this only to scrutinize ourselves; to compare our worth against the greatness we wish we were.

Instead of reaching for the golden cup, perhaps we should all cup our hands and drink from the water as it flows to us, and do it with gratitude

It is true, that sometimes we have to get lost just to find our way back home. We all have to venture far from ourselves just to find ourselves again, and to uncover that thing that we lost so long ago.

But then we can realize that it was never really lost.

It was there with us all along.

No amount of stuff can follow us when we leave this Earth. The only thing we will do is leave it behind, then it becomes someone else’s stuff, and again and again until one day it, too, becomes dust.

But when we unfold, when we become genuine, when we share our joy; that is what will become our legacy.

And this is what I choose to leave behind.

Every day is our last day,

Every moment is moving us closer to facing our own mortality.

Let us all face it, genuinely.

Let us all unfold, and awaken.


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8 thoughts on “Unfold

  1. Thank You for this beautiful message as my first reading this morning.
    It inspired the following when I shared it with the world…
    “The act of unfolding is a natural process which when forced can render distortions… Please Unfold Gently so that We All may enjoy Your Beauty.” – Riverman

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