The Circle


“God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.” ~Book of the 24 Philosophers.

We all stand upon the boundary.

From the margins of our lives we find a vantage point where one witnesses himself without thought, without concept and without judgement. It is here where forgetting all we’ve ever known or thought of ourselves becomes active. We become the afterthought of a person that we’ve yet to meet.

In this place only may we look deep within the heart to understand where, on what point of the circle do we begin to form our line. We ask ourselves from what clay are we molded, and how shall we then mold ourselves from purity.

As the circle is drawn, we then may realize that the circumference is nowhere, but the center is everywhere.

A child knows the circle, but is unaware of its meaning, its pureness and its perfection. He knows nothing of its totality and of its eternity, nor of its cyclic movement or of its infinite gesture. For the child is like the circle, perfect, whole, a self being made by self.

His actions are pure, innocent, unspoiled by the eyes of the world, and in tune with the heart of life.

Then we grow.

We question. We doubt. We form ideas, beliefs. We stand for things, and we fall for others. We work and we play. We learn and we make mistakes. We become statues in a model of thought that fits our lives, and we believe we have found what our purpose should be.

But, far too many of us become stuck on our purpose.

Many of us truly wish to make an impact, to have our names remembered. But this is of a vain pursuit. It is only by doing what we love are we remembered by anyone.

You can be a banker, an accountant, a chef, a fast-food cashier or even a clerk behind the desk at the Motel 6. It doesn’t matter. As some are quick to say it’s what you do that defines you, others are swift enough to know that sometimes we can’t all whistle in tune.

Life is about interacting with life. It’s about feeling the pulse of something greater than yourself, resonating with the music sung by flowers in a garden. It’s about waking each day and breathing, thinking, moving, talking, laughing and loving.

Life is in every action. Not simply defined by this action or that, but by all thoughts, ideas, words and actions that we commit to. It is only by this metric that we may understand our place in the circle, and continue on, forming the perfected line.

I believe many have forgotten the place where they once first understood the world around them.

And if you have yet to look.

It was the same place when you first understood the world within.

Only in embracing all of life will we ever understand it, and live genuinely. And only by this virtue of genuineness may we come to live fully in each moment.

All moments are parts of now, whether past, or present. We are all living now, experiencing now. In each thought, breath or gesture.

Life is now.

Experience now, and live.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The Circle

  1. Two extensions of your symbolically charged circle. (1) Black Elk on how the whites broke his culture by forcing the Lakota from circular to square housing” “The Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round … But the [whites] put us in these square boxes. Our power is gone … for there can be no power in a square.

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