Good Company

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“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Such gifts we all have…

All of us are bestowed such wonderful tools, complements of life. Some of us know without a doubt what our talents are and how to use them. Some of us take many years to discover them. But be sure that we all have them.

One must look no further than this very platform to notice this simple truth of life. Here among thousands of bloggers we can find aspiring novelists, moody poets, half-crazed conspiracy theorists, photographers, relationships gurus, artists, moms, dads, and honestly some of the best home cooking advice and recipes I’ve found anywhere.

We’re all right here among friends.

Here we can find talented voices overflowing with sound advice, and subtle hints of brilliance from others just beginning to find their voice. It’s a beautiful and humbling thing to be able to share this space with so many others, with so much to share, give and contribute.

Here, in this space, is where I find others who–like me–have come to share thoughts and stories. And as much as I like writing my own, I also love to read others.

I feel comfort in the fact that here I can find another person who–like me–enjoys the metaphor of the river, and read of his thoughts regarding the simple movement of life, as a river flows. I can find many who share my views of compassion, altruism and following one’s heart and digest their take on these subjects I love.

And I can share a chat with many who find solitude as alluring as some may find a crowd, and learn a thing or two that I hadn’t before.

It’s all right here…

It is WE who make up this community. Some of us struggle day to day, living and working, waiting for nothing more than just a spare moment to share a few hundred words the with the rest of the world, and this gives us a smile. And for some of us, this is all we have.

Some of us do nothing but think of what we may share next. And yes, some of us fall off and come back to write again, feeling we’ve abandoned our neighborhood.

No matter the reason, being here is a choice. Whether this is a vocation, a hobby, a pastime, or for some just a diary, all of it speaks one very personal truth.

And this truth is shared, as all good things in life should be.

Here we can learn many things. We can see that there are many ways to understand, and many ways to appreciate the same thing. We can see thousands of differing views on the same subject, and thousands of insights to the inner workings of life. There is no limit.

I hope that we may all appreciate one another here, and truly see that we are in a great company of creative minds all scurrying about and sharing our innermost passions, fears, doubts, thoughts, loves, and triumphs.

Here, some come to hide. And some come to be set free.

No matter the reason. It is here where we may bare our soul, and share all with the world.

And I say, don’t hold anything back.

Because it’s nice to have company.


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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

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