To Choose, or Not to Choose…


“There is always something to lose. But maybe more to gain.”
John Christopher, Beyond the Burning Lands

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Decision dwells deep. It rests in a place within the heart and mind, and once entered, opens up to all cosmic possibilities, outcomes, quantum mechanics… the butterfly effect. It can make a man crazy to visit this place.

But it must be visited.

Decisions are like moments with heat emanating from them, though they’re lukewarm to the touch. Once decided upon, that moment forever alters the path, forever changing the wind.

We’ve all had those moments. Those fleeting seconds seem so far removed after our lives have drastically changed, and often we wish them back.

They bring about nostalgia after years pass. They speak to our losses and our victories. They tramp in our sorrow and bring about regret. They haunt us and delight us, all the while teaching us what we’ve learned and what we’ve yet to master.

I’ve made countless poor decisions. I’ve also made some damn good ones. And though I’m not convinced that all (even bad) decisions are ultimately necessary for growth like some “experts” would contend, I do believe they are all part of life’s ever changing dynamic.

Just one poor decision can alter your life, true. But, not all poor decisions will put you in jail or in the grave. For me, even my poorest decisions have led to some of my greatest moments. Just the same, what I’ve often thought of as my best decisions at the moment have turned out to be the worst.

All this “deciding.”

But, what are we actually “doing?”

We’re making choices, and choices must be made.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably made so many “questionable” decisions that they’ve nearly made you paralyzed to acting on some of your endeavors. And this is the inescapable result of causality.

We believe that we’ve caused our own misfortune so then we prefer inaction over action. We dare to act, and in doing this we build walls that no man can ascend. We weld shut the doors of life and close ourselves off to decision making, for fear that we may cause ourselves or others pain, harm or misfortune.

This is futility. A self-righteous enigma that we’ve placed in our hearts and minds. We become impotent to choice, fallow to possibility.

This is why we must face ourselves, and remember the victory.

Remember, the goal of life is to live it.

Life is never without motion. This is a fundamental part of reality. No matter which way you turn, walk or otherwise, you are at the mercy of your own decisions. No more reason to at least get off the porch and give life a try. And give it your best damn shot.

Not all decisions will bring you despair. Not all decisions will ever be perfectly thought through either, and this is part of the fun of it all. If we knew the outcome, then what does that reduce life to?

Assess your choices. Seek altruism, peace and love. But remember, not all will bring happiness.

But then again…

Happiness is a choice.

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3 thoughts on “To Choose, or Not to Choose…

  1. Good blog! It’s interesting to review one’s life and see the present where all the past decisions came out. Blogging is kinda cool for that reason. Like a public journal.

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