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“I’ve always believed there are moments in our lives which can be defined as a transition between the before and after, between the cause and the effect.”
― Benjamin X. Wretlind, Castles: A Fictional Memoir of a Girl with Scissors

Transition is an interesting phase. You see the change firsthand, unfolding in real time. But, as all change contains vast nuance, you also witness time slowing down, seemingly trapping you in a bubble, suspending change.

But, you’re almost there—almost.

In a sphere of change we continuously travel, as change is our only constant. But it is within the transition where we find our most precious moments.

And, each phase of transit delivers a message—only for those who might hear it.

Our transitions not only speak to us silently, they are the ground where we gain our greatest traction, becoming our greatest experiences in life.

In transit we move from one phase to the next, taking the lessons we’ve learned onward with intrepid hearts and eyes bearing flecks of determination. These are the times when we move beyond ourselves, where we step out into the cold world, far beyond our comfort zones, away from the safe corners of life where we’ve long sought sanctuary.

It is here in this movement between the pillars of life where the spirit dwells. It is here where spirit and mind become one, pushing us forward once more.

And it is here, in transit, where we learn our greatest truth.

I’ve gone through many transitions in life, from moving across the country to entering and leaving relationships, and becoming a father. Each one is unique. Each one holds a value which imparts wisdom and grace.

And now, our entire world is in transit. As am I once again.

Recently I’ve moved, largely due to the impact of this great pandemic. And once more I’ve found myself along the northern gulf coast, a forever neighbor to her brackish waters. But in this transition, I’ve found much more than the familiar taste of humid, salt-laden air.

Here, I’ve found a belonging. I’ve found a familiar friend with sandy shores and old haunts, now aged. Once again I have beaches to play with, where I can kiss the water with my feet and gaze upon a setting sun that plays with clouds on a palette of amber and rose.

But I’ve also found a bold reminder of change.

It’s been nearly ten years since I’ve called the gulf coast my home. Since that time long ago, much has changed—much more than I’d realized.

Much has been developed. Many more people now live here, and as time and people have left their mark, much has sadly become run down. Parts of my coast home are now a trashy shadow, cast from a forgotten quaintness that once flourished and that I once loved.

Though many things are the same, the ambiance has shifted into a new dynamic. I feel that I belong, but that I’m also a foreigner.

In transit, I feel as a tourist would visiting a place—for the second time, years removed.

But this is the world of transition.

It is the movement from one phase to the next which reminds us of what we’ve learned, from where we’ve come, and where we’re going. Yet, its most powerful reminder remains nearly forgotten.

Transitions remind us of where we are, right now.

It is only right now, within transition, that our eyes are open wide to witness the unfurling of all paths, of all choices and of the life that flows within and around us. It is here where we can see, touch and embrace our blessings and look within to the greatest blessing of all:


In transit we remain each day, but it is only when our lives truly change in the moment are we blessed with soul eyes, and the sight to see the things we often overlook.

I’ll always love my coast. But she is not mine. Nothing is.

Because change is life.

Though we may not always like it, change exists to teach us all one simple lesson:

Cling not to this Earthly place.

Your grasp will always weaken, and your grip will always fail. So if you must cling…

Cling to change.

Because we are always in transit—each one of us.

We are always changing.

As is all of life.

Travel well.

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