The Student

In life, we are all students of the world. Not only of the world, but of the vast construction of reality. Here, in this sphere, we are free to explore its truth and indulge in its wonders.

Many self-professed “teachers” often come to us through various ways; mostly through the classroom as deliverers of knowledge, which is nothing more than that simple definition. They have credentials that say they are fit to teach, and this is good.

Of teachers, there are those that flex and display their credentials, as if to say: “I can teach you because look at what I’ve accomplished, read, experienced, or where I lived.” This display denotes the assumption that one is superior to the other; that you should listen because you have no experience; that they have figured something out completely. This is an improper method for teaching, and stems from a judgemental persona. Though the awareness of the individual may be enhanced in certain arenas, this conduct of character does little for a seeking spiritual mind. I’ve often found that those who claim to be well-traveled–those who shine a spotlight on their accomplishments–usually have learned little on their journey. These are those that try to teach, but do not succeed.

The greatest teachers understand that they, too, are simply students. They understand that one is never truly a teacher until complete non-dual awareness is attained, and even then they remain a student. In this respect, those who claim to be enlightened because of “this or that” fail to see beyond their furrowed brow; missing the essence of what reality truly is. This–reality–is different for all sentient beings. We all have our own paths to follow; our own philosophies that we care to hold as truth. We all understand concepts in a myriad of intellect and pondering. We all learn at different rhythms and rates.

I do not claim to know any answers, nor do I claim to seek them. Instead I seek the truth hidden inside the question; the subtle fabric of an infinite facet.

Know your sphere, learn of others. Understand that one is not like the other, but also realize that–at the ultimate purpose–all are interconnected in such a way that is incomprehensible to even the greatest student.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “The Student

  1. Good points, and aside from one typo, very well written. Judging by your picture, you are young to have reached the level of understanding you display; I sense you are a true seeker, as I have been for what seems now like forever. I admire your openness, and look forward to reading more of your work….well done, young paduan!….

      1. No worries…I read mine using proofreading technique at least 3 times before I hit the Publish button, and if you check my comments, I still apologize just about every week for one I’ve missed… I’ve been accused of the same, but now I’m old enough to deserve it…at 35 I discovered that people who are younger than that simply cannot have the same depth of understanding of reality as one who has gotten that far in life; one doesn’t have a wide enough experience base to be able to see what someone older sees. No way to get there, either, except one day at a time….but you have the correct attitude for a seeker of truth; before one may learn, one must admit they do not know…stay on the path brother, it’s well worth the effort.. and enjoy the ride….

    1. Very nice! I enjoyed reading your blog. Indigo is truly an aura of many facets. Funny that you drop in at this time, actually not funny but more of a synchronicity. An essential component of the manuscript that I’m currently writing deals with concepts regarding the aura, specifically indigo children. Thank you for reblogging. Hope to read more from you 😉

      1. Synchronicity is THE BEST! I just love it! I would love to read what you have, if you’re comfortable. It’s a subject that’s becoming near and dear to my heart these days. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading my blog! I’m enjoying reading yours as well!

  2. Each person has their own individual truth
    unless i experience exactly what you have I cannot know your truth
    i can be interested in it and seek to know more, but it is still yours
    there is no wrong or right religion or faith, for we came to experience a truth and each will have their own
    path to follow, I get sidetracked but its usually because i ask so many questions and the answers seem to be more questions
    I believe when you think with your heart and feel with the find the balance starts, adn you realize you are student, teacher or matbe the observer for awhile…all interchangable..
    off the pulpit LOLs..
    your thoughts are very balanced…I will enjoy reading more..
    Take Care….
    You Matter…

  3. and I apologize for the mis-spellings, long day and night thats my story and I’l sticking to it ..LOls

  4. It is so easy to be seduced by taking on the persona of the expert when we teach. So easy to impress people with information dumping but are we really teaching when we do so? I agree that the best teachers continue to be students and exhibit a humility when they teach and in how they live! Thanks for the good reminder. I need it to resist the temptation of setting myself up as the expert.

    1. Thank you. I agree, the temptation is easy. A good teacher with confidence often exudes his expertise in specific subjects, and this is a good trait for others to be confident of the teacher in delivering sound information. But, humility and respect is the key.

  5. Good stuff. You got me thinking about my own life as a student and, in a way, teacher. I’m always pleased when a post gets me to think introspectively.

    I particularly appreciate your conclusion. It’s easy to neglect the value of asking questions and being a seeker, especially when the answers elude us.

  6. The most fascinating experience I have on a regular basis is ‘Life as a Master Teacher’. Everyone, everything, everywhere, and every-when is a teacher inside of the context through which they come to us in our unique capacity to receive them. Spheres interacting with spheres in harmonic entrainment. Very fascinating stuff!

  7. We are all teachers and we are all students. It is such a fun way to move through life, wondering who we will connect with and what that connection will bring each person. We are on the planet to connect with each other.

  8. I thought this was a well-written piece. I’d like to go on to contemplate how the student, too, can serve as a teacher to others…hmmm, I’ll stop here or I would turn your comment forum into another blog post 🙂 Nice work.

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