Staggered Column

The staggered column is a form of patrol, used by military forces. I learned this art of warfare during my time of service in the United States Marine Corps. This technique is placed in the sphere of a brutal reality. Hold fast in its metaphoric truth.

The column, so defined, is a staggered line of Marines, beginning with a man in front–the pointman–and ending with a rear party, typically those in command. All persons are placed at least 10 to 15 meters apart, staggered, so that one bullet will kill only one man, and one properly thrown grenade may wound or kill no more than two. This also gives each person a clear line of fire and a full field of vision, much easier than being confined to a straight line with only–at best–a peripheral vantage point.

This sphere is a mirror to ascending the abyss of misunderstanding. In life, we often concentrate on the subject-object relationship of everything, failing to see from a full vantage point. Once placed in a staggered column, we begin to see the full spectrum of the prism; able to view all colors and hues and its divine point of origin.

Though the brutality of warfare is, in fact, an inescapable reality, so is the concept of darkness. One can remain in a spiritually dark state, unaware of what awaits him in front, behind or at the flank. Following a simple line is just that, one blindly following the other in complete darkness.

Break free from the line. Do not follow the path if the path does not allow you to see in all directions, all angles; to feel each footstep after the other. Follow instead the staggered column. In this sphere, you are able to witness the perfect dodecahedron. The heart sees before the eyes.

Open this sphere and witness the truth behind the riddle. At this point of awareness, the misunderstanding falls aside. You realize not only are there others in the column, too, on a quest out of darkness, but also that you have room to see both the seekers, and the light.

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19 thoughts on “Staggered Column

  1. Beautiful! And somehow relateable even though I’ve never experienced war in the same sense you have. You paint a clear and symbolic picture 🙂

  2. The post itself is excellent. However, I am most impressed to learn that you are a Marine; you have obviously been able to absorb what there is to learn in that particular group, but have refused to allow that to affect your rational mind. My father was a 20 year Army vet of WWII, and one of the few men I know to be able to question authority after such indoctrination. Welcome to a very exclusive club!…..

    1. Thank you! I can honestly say that without my experience in the Corps, and being able to travel the world; I may not have seen the difference and similarities in all people, nor developed a sense of personal discovery. ~Semper Fi

      1. Excellent! And I will reiterate; it is the rare man or woman who can use their experiences in the Corps as a lesson, and a beginning, rather than an end….

  3. It does seem like common sense, to stagger one’s troops in the mind as well as on the field. I never looked at it this way before but it just clicks. Great insight.

  4. Truly, the heart can see what your eyes can’t. This insightful post reminded me of my current life status and the challenges I had to face, because finally, I decided to break free from whatever it is that curtails me. Thank you for somehow affirming that I did quite a good decision.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. And will be coming back for more.

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