The Great and Powerful Oz

A mist is like an unfound thought. It hovers about, concealing what could be witnessed, only to thin and reveal such beauty when the time is right.

Many things we see in life are covered by mist. It is a cloud that needs to only be thinned enough to recognize the structure behind it. This is the sphere of illusion.

Subtle reminders are everywhere. Sight, sounds, smell of the air, the touch and taste of it all is at arms length. Only a few choose to experience fully; to grab hold of the man behind the curtain and learn of his magic. Upon everything rests an illusion that one can follow into the desert of the mind, or not.

We’ve all experienced this. What you first see, think or feel can be compounded by a barrage of thought, doubt and skepticism. Perhaps this was the fleeting feeling that you first experienced before entering a certain door, answering a phone call, or speaking to someone for the first time. The sphere of illusion can cause havoc, or be cleared by visualizing with the soul.

This is a protective instinct of all human beings. We assess situations and threats quickly and cognitively because we are wired to survive. But what happens when we choose to see only mist?

Answer: Blindness… What is truly able to be be witnessed will only be experienced when the person is ready to acknowledge it. For instance: If you see a building, you know its there. You see its physical structure, you can approximate its height and width. You can see its doors, windows and foundation. But, until you walk through the door and explore the building, it does not exist; it is simply still, only a picture in your mind.

See through the mist of illusion; through the fog of deafening bravado. Experience life for all its glory. Once you uncover the magic of the man behind the curtain, the simplicity of beauty will shock the mind, inspire the heart, and you will live in the moment… But you must discover this on your own, the curtain cannot be taken down for you.

The sphere of illusion can be all encompassing, but needs only a gentle breeze to blow it aside and reveal the truth.

“You must free your ambitious mind, and learn the art of dying.” ~Bruce Lee

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “The Great and Powerful Oz

  1. Your writing feels Emersonian, that romanticized voice influenced by an exciting and unknown America that is still in the process of being pioneered. I’m sure you would enjoy his essays. Now that I think about it, your notion of “spheres” may do well to be compared to Emerson’s notion of “circles.” Perhaps, that’s the essay you might find most interesting.

  2. this reminds me of a quote from one of my poems called “Three Hearts…” – “When the inconceivable weight of reality becomes unbearable….And the feathery veil of illusion wafts away……You are left PAINFULLY aware….” .

    Beautifully done, reading the comments you’ve already received, i can do nothing but echo the sentiments of others and hope that you continue to dee beyond the mist.

    Stay Real,

    ps. thanks for following šŸ™‚

  3. How timely for The Great and Powerful Oz~ awesome write-up! I’ll be playing the lion role in my post tomorrow…you might see it sooner because I can feel a little impatience creepin up šŸ˜‰

  4. Very cool quote! Another fav quote by the Main Man Bruce Lee,
    “Be like water!” šŸ˜€
    Today’s theme about dirt
    Refreshing blog btw, you have so major mad skills slinging & sculpting words the way you do!

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