Moons and Tide

“In order to scratch the surface, you must first find the surface, then forge the tool to scratch it.”            

~J. Parker Bench

Here, I plan to go deep into the rabbit-hole. Follow if you can.

Not much thought is ever given to riding the wave. The wave is metaphor. Though it can be a wave of water, it also can be anything. Waves are pushed by inertia; the source is often unknown and hardly realized. This is a sphere of human form; the sphere of emotion. 

The broken heart knows the wave; its crash, the undertow and riptide. The bright heart knows the wave, its build and apex; its roll to crest and its return. Depression knows the deep; the drowning of spirit. Heartache knocks on the door of the abyss; the trench where alien creatures dwell. Bliss knows the gull; how it glides atop the water; when it plucks fish from the sea, and when it rests sleepily on the shore. 

Emotions are like the tide. These intangible elements ebb and flow in sweet unison with unknown forces, bearing their naked bodies and hiding the eyes. These are feelings that can cloud the sharpest mind and reconcile the ignorant. Through joy and sadness we remain, within the jaws of horror and aloft the lips of serenity. The spirit moves to the mood of the emotional tidal rhythm. 

Once i saw myself ripping the veins from the world, cutting the cords of another man’s life. My sharp blade shimmered under a moon of anger and deceit. I’ve held this blade before, it was not foreign to me. Once more, I held within myself the power to do the world in, to commit the gravest of crimes. In only a few hymns of realizing my wrong, I put down my sword. I vowed to never wield it again. 

When I found that my wife was no longer mine, I cursed the world. I swore revenge. I would have burned a thousand cities and ten thousand men if I could. Anger is powerful. But then I realized how the fool plays his hand. He pretends to not show emotion, through thick dark glasses he plots his move, only to be outwitted by a man with soft eyes, who stares through him. A whisper of a friend was all I needed; the sound of crashing waves making sweet music along the shoreline; speaking truth and honesty.

The sphere of emotion is like the water. It crashes and it rolls. It can become like a mirror or ripple in unison with the wind. Step back when the winds become fierce, or you will become one with the muck. Remember the tide. Remember your soul when you find yourself under the surface, gasping for breath. Look only to the light to guide you up from the abyss.

I will never again pick up the sword. I had my time with it. I was trained in the art of war, but war I will not ever again wage. The tide is stronger than I… But, I am the tide. 

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33 thoughts on “Moons and Tide

  1. dude stop writing stuff that make me think n think deeper. I need to go to bed man, i just lost few mins reading this and now may be a few hours pondering over it. Good job bro.

  2. I hope you still have dreams and smile every morning
    There’s always a chance for a new light, specially when it’s coming from within
    There always gonna be waves, cause the ocean never changes it’s form, but sometimes it’s calm and silent, and that’s when we can see the light

      1. Meditation is helping me with mine ( and of course my paintings)
        I become one with it, powerful!
        You went through a lot
        I can read that, but you are a Poet, a unique one.
        Please keep on

  3. I am clueless how you came upon my photoblog and how our paths intersected but I am glad at my core. Why? Damn you can write and feel and feel and write! I take pictures and let it tell the story on the canvas of your being. You paint pictures with your words and they tell of your being. Well done.

    1. This is it. The Jagged Man has hit the bulls eye. “You paint pictures with your words and they tell of your being.” And your being is so raw, beautiful and real just as your words. Your continue to touch me and others. Namaste!

  4. beautiful… i have written almost as much about pain and heartache as i have about love…
    it’s true how powerful anger can be… best when used as a tool for transformation!
    i have a sword, i choose not to use it… but i’m aware of its presence
    for me, heartache has led to grace (every time) and i can see the beauty and light inside the pain, the lesson to be learned, and the redeeming faith that there obviously waa something else better suited for the me i have become

  5. This is powerful beyond measure, but I have a feeling somehow you know all about that 🙂

    It is so important that as souls moving through our experiences we come to understand that pain is a mere reflection, and you did a wonderful job of that here. To take everything we need from the ‘undertow and riptide’ remembering the entire time that it all comes back to the one, vast source.

    I truly don’t have words for the emotion this conjured up, but I do know you are exactly where you are supposed to be in sharing your light.

    ♥ Namaste ♥


  6. Great writing. I like people who think, and specially who shares the thoughts. I appreciate when meaningful topics come up and value them too. Congrats and keep with the good work. 😉

  7. Man, you can WRITE!!! So evocative,painting a picture,letting your soul dance on the page/screen! Loving it!

    And thanks for checking out my blog!

  8. WOW!!! Wow! Wow… what a powerful piece. So true and what an unbelievably beautiful way to express the pain of loss and the anger caused by it. Very honest. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

  9. It seems you are a man who has seen much; and your experiences have only appeared to enrich your soul. It has been my understanding this is what we are meant to do. Your posts may as well have been from my own heart. Keep going as you appear to be one of the up right men who walk this earth, and there are far to few of these.

  10. Wow that was beautifully written. 🙂 I love the theme of acceptance and allowing the inevitable. Going with the flow and riding with the wave instead of creating the pain of going against it. These have been the lessons I have learned in these recent years. Surrendering to the unknown. Trust and Courage have been its sisters. Peace and Love!

    P.S. I saw that you recently subbed my blog. If you still want updates, please subscribe again to Freedom from Ashes. I changed hosting so you won’t get updates until you sub again. My site is going through its own metamorphosis right now lol.

  11. i was overcome by anger before. i didn’t know what to do with it. it consumed my body and my mind, and my soul was in darkness. i ended up going back to Jesus, and now the anger looks much smaller compared to the power of Love that is God.

  12. Wow! Not only am I blown away by your amazing writing talent, but what a wonderful way to shine the Light! Thanks for shining so brilliantly! 🙂
    (((Hugs))) (this is my third try – hope I haven’t somehow posted 3 comments, but your blog doesn’t seem to want to accept it)

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