Ancient Star

They are beautiful. Light shining through time; timeless light. Heavenly bodies placed in accord to my wishes. They shine, glow, pulse and emit radiant light. The stars are truly a peephole into the mind and heart. They reflect what we already know, and what we have yet to contemplate. The sphere of stars is a pondering of faith and intuition.

I’ve set my head down many nights under these heavenly asterisms. I’ve watched them move about the ecliptic; with respect to the spin of the firmament. I see them in radiance. I watch them with a boyish grin. I see Mars, Venus and Jupiter. I see the moon, though she is close; emitting her reflection of sunlight.

I see the pulsar. I watch the twin stars. Casiopeia dances near Polaris. Orion holds his weapons. The seven sisters glow brightly in the night skies. I see them all, but I wonder. Why do I see them?

The constellations are named by man. Many men have named them. These are Gods to some. To me they are archetypes. They place muse upon muse. These bodies of fire transmute the energy of their spheres.

I wish for some to fall. I wish for more to stay. Could I name these again, against the names they’ve been given? Why not? Β They told a story once. Why can’t they now tell mine?

I know them just as you. I see them as all see them. I have loved under the fires. I’ve wronged under the light. I’ve witnessed both horror and love with starlight bouncing across my shoulder. I should name them; they are mine as well as yours.

Give the stars a name? No need. They know their names. Do you know theirs?

The star sphere is to each of us a window into the soul. It holds a sacred balance here, and there. Watch these heavenly bodies. Listen to them. If one cannot look upon the stars and know that he is not both small and large, then he has much to learn. These are our windows into time; into spacetime.

Learn your feelings, they are starlight; speaking to you from a million years ago. The ancient star sphere is timeless, and exists within all creation. Before and after, it will remain. But, so will I.. maybe.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Ancient Star

  1. Whenever you take children camping there is always one that needs to go to the toilet at 3am. Whilst on one excursion i climbed out of the tent, looked up and stars were perfect and they seemed so close it felt like i could have reached up and touched them. Complete perfection. Beautiful post.

  2. Beautiful… mesmerizing…
    The flow of the words reach the eternal height of the stars; oh! the twinkle I felt- lovely thoughts and lovely post! πŸ™‚

  3. A lovely and thoughtful post, although I must admit that I am a little jealous that you can see so many stars….I live in a city so light pollution means a limited view so, every glimpse is valuable. I do like the way that you put your thoughts into words and give them such meaning.
    Congratulations as well on your awards. Well deserved.

  4. Nice writing….I enjoyed it…I felt very peaceful as I read it. Thanks for the follow! I will do the same. I like your blog!

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