Book Bulletin !

The time is finally at hand!! To all my wonderful followers here at wordpress, I will soon be posting the link to my 1st book within the coming week as it is now finished. There will be a digital and printed version. I’m currently waiting on the printed version to be complete then I will post the link to Amazon here. It has been a long road and I hope that you all enjoy it! Thank you all for reading my posts and for all the wonderful comments and compliments. It is truly a blessing to know and share with you all.


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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

81 thoughts on “Book Bulletin !

  1. Congratulations Jeremiah! 🙂

    I am proud and beyond excited for you!!!! Thank you for sharing your journey so freely with love and the intention of helping us and countless others, Thank You! 😉

    ♥ Namaste ♥

    ~ Jennifer

  2. From what I’ve seen in the brief time I came upon your blog…you have some good stuff to say…well written…and I’m so glad that you’ve reached this goal…because I’m sure it’s been on your list for awhile…Congratulations!…~mkg

  3. Congratulations! This is a dynamic step, and one that brings many rewards (so long as you are patient and willing to do the follow-up work that is necessary for “success”, which I’m confident you are). I have just published my first book, “A Gentle Nudge in the Right Direction” on Amazon (a digital version for the Kindle) and followed it up with a small guidebook I had written some time ago and simply formatted for the Kindle. The road is exciting! It can be disappointing at times, but there are some secrets that can help you to build your readership. If you’d like any insights based on what I’ve learned, just drop me a line!

    Congratulations again, and good luck with your new manuscript!

    1. It is much like my blog, only more in depth and with greater elaborations. Essentially it is about the spiritual journey we all take, defeating struggle and developing compassion for the world 🙂

      1. I most definitely have it sitting on my bookshelf right now! bought it a few years ago. Very insightful and full of truth and wisdom 🙂

  4. I know that your book will be as inspirational as your blog and probably more so. I will not hesitate to purchase it once you have posted the link. Thank you for all your efforts.

  5. Can I know what it is about?? 😀

    And congratulations, this is something that I hope to achieve someday!

  6. Congratulations my friend! May it be successful in sales, and may this take you on an even more thrilling, fun, and rewarding journey. Great job, and God bless always. 🙂

  7. Know, I am totally excited for you. I have been admiring your depth of thought and your prose style for quite a while on this blog. I just know the book will ROCK!

  8. Awesome news!! Congratulations. You remind me I’m supposed to be working on my book, right this second. I better get back to work. 🙂

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