The Gaze

Often we find ourselves in a place where neither up nor down, left nor right seem worthy of exploration. Here, we become stuck in a gaze of thought. These stagnant moments aren’t just set before us by random order. Generally these surreal lapses in time come after choices that we’ve made or because of decisions that we’ve avoided making. These places can also be summoned upon hearing the right words. The sphere of stillness is a place of pondering and pause, but it’s within this space that we can find beauty and truth.

The hidden space moments that we find ourselves in at times are all around us. They exist in plain sight, though many are unequipped to see them. This is where epiphany happens and the deepest thought takes place. Though this moment may seem instantaneous for some, it can seem like a lifetime for others. This place is often described as the space between dreams and sleep, though we are not laying down, we are wide awake. This is where the mind wanders into oblivion and the subtleness of life is provoked and awakened. 

Once I found myself in complete pause. Though a million things were happening all around me, I stood still, lost in thought. I wasn’t daydreaming, I had simply heard a statement that made me disappear from reality for just a moment. As I pondered what I heard, I began to separate from all noise, action and movement that was happening all the while. I became lost in my mind and turned the world on mute for a few moments. This is where pure thought is sparked. 

Suddenly, as though some magic hand turned up the volume of the world, I was back in reality and still stunned at the information that I just heard. In a class several years ago, the speaker was sharing a sentiment from Ram Dass, and quoted him as saying “There comes a moment when “other” is no longer other.” I found this perplexing, yet astonishingly profound and full of synchronicity. 

Though we can turn off the world if we should choose, the present moment is always engaged in stillness and motion simultaneously. There is no “other” moment. You may pause and become entranced, but the moment only seems to slow down and become still, though indeed it is still flowing freely all around you. It is continuous, ever evolving and changing, but still remaining as the constant of reality. 

The sphere of stillness is where we witness our heart and mind merge into one whole vessel. This is where the spiritual mind lives, just waiting for a knock on the door. When we retract from the noise and become attuned with our soul, we then understand the simplicity of life. For just a split second, the ego is dropped on its head and we are enlightened. This is a sacred space, and one that exists for anyone to witness should they choose to find it. 


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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

29 thoughts on “The Gaze

  1. This is very true and during those special instances of total introspection we can truly arrive at wonderful thoughts and truths…but sometimes those moments can come at an inopportune time. 😀

  2. Awesome post. I really resonate with “the pause”. I find It to be one of the most powerful tools for transformation and integration. In all my studies, I always come back to stillness as the key to opening the door of the heart. Today, my shaman’s roundtable focused on the gaze of compassion. Your post really brings things full circle. Thanks.

  3. Most often in these moments as I return and become aware of life around me once again I am joined by my newly developed insight and it becomes practically overwhelming in the most wonderful way. I get rushes of energy and electricity shooting through my whole body.

    Most recently I have found myself within this state more so then ever. Finding answers through stillness in that space between asleep and awake, and so it is no coincidence my heart is more at peace 🙂

  4. I love your use of the term epiphany-that describes it perfectly. I might “borrow” that term!

  5. Know,I seem to have these moments every mjorning at some point during my meditation period. Sometimes, I wake up right into them. I have done this all of my life. So wonderful to read here that this is a desirable experience! The stillness is truly instructive. Very bright lights come on, for sure!

  6. Okay– don’t want to sound weird here or anything, but this very thing seems to happen to me a lot the moment I’m about to step out of the shower. I grab the towel… and stand there for three minutes… not moving… almost frozen. Complete stillness. Maybe it’s like the zen monks who would meditate in the waterfalls? But less glamorous…

  7. “There is more depth in a single moment than that of the future” ~Rabia
    This post reminds me of this quote. I like your thoughts and writing, I don’t have many to chat about spiritual matters with, so I’ve had to seek them out 🙂

  8. I call it the zone. It’s when I’m in touch with myself. When I’m entirely honest and vulnerable and aware of my feelings and thoughts. It’s easier to avoid introspection because we might find things we don’t like but the results are catastrophic. Too much ignoring and we begin to loose our humanity and spirit. I am surrounded by such people and I see death in their eyes. It is so sad to see they haven’t found who they are and are contributing to their own death. The ability to be entirely vulnerable and honest with yourself keeps you true to who you are and keeps your conscience from being suppressed. It also keeps you familiar with honesty itself. The world is losing touch with conscience, honesty and humanity and it’s causing so much suffering.

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