If truth is what you seek, walk for a day among the wilderness. You will soon realize that nature doesn’t lie. Nature is truth; creation in motion. Within a sphere of evolution, we ponder the questions and mystery of cycles that last for thousands of years, and some which have not ever been complete. In the cycles of nature we can find a paradox. Some cycles are similar but never the same and continuous; an everlasting succession of truth.

Today I walked for a few hours along a trail in a climax forest. The term “climax forest” is debatable among many schools of ecologists. One will say that a climax forest is the end result of a forest that has successfully endured several stages of progression. Others argue that the forest is always changing and in a never-ending succession, thus making a climax impossible.

Among the groves of eastern hemlock, sugar maple and beech, I found that no matter the human argument, what I find in nature is the archetype of life in motion. The plants grow, the plants get eaten, the plants die and then grow again from seeds and suckers. The biting fly cares little that he annoys you. The mosquito sees you as a food source. The snake will bite if disturbed, and the bobcat watches you all the while. This is the rhythm of life in full view. This rhythm as seen in nature mirrors the evolution of mind and spirit. We should be wise and listen to the song of nature.

Though once we knew of this natural kingdom, today we know little of it. Hundreds of plants were used to remedy ailments by simply making a tea from their roots and leaves. The maidenhair ferns could ease a cough or stop a headache. Hemlock bark when boiled and mashed is an astringent or poultice for wounds, this is but one among its hundred other uses. We once knew these secrets, but now nature keeps them.

I recommend that all who seek truth should spend time among the world that sustains us in a natural setting. In the sphere of evolution, we will not move forward by forgetting from where we came. We will not progress unless we live in harmony with our native brothers and sisters. A spiritual evolution requires a succession of harmony and respect for all creatures. The climax will only be attained through a sacred companionship with the natural world, and from respecting the continuous progression of life.

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27 thoughts on “Climax

  1. Today I read an interview with Jean Houston in Ode Magazine and she was quoted as saying, “My work is about discovering the ecology of our inner self that gives us a sense of sufficiency so that we may become stewards of the earth. We don’t just live in the universe; the universe lives in us.” Are you familiar with her work? She spent time as a teen with Chardin…As always, a mind expanding post ;o)

  2. What an interesting post…I also love to walk among nature, trails or paths I make myself. One is never too young to start enjoying nature and never to old to continue the finding new trails. ajm

  3. Wonderful post, We all have cycles of life like nature, we should connect to it more than we do in our busy lives

  4. I have been in the kind of forest you describe… they are among the most beautiful and sacred places on earth. Thank you for your eloquent description of their sanctuary and medicine.

  5. Lovely post! We humans too often forget that we are mammals, woven into the rhythm of the Universe with the rest of Life. I don’t think self consciousness sets us above other life forms; sadly it gives us the power to violently destroy life before the natural time for death. For me, this is a call to support “green” groups working to restore the planets natural balance.

  6. What a great post! Nature has so many answers and helps us to find ourselves as well, through the energy of the trees, plants and wildlife. Our hearts will resonate with the peace we find in nature, and helps us to open up to life in all it’s beauty.
    Thanks for this wonderful post!

  7. Climax is a human term – we continually want to measure things along a continuum of beginning to end. You’re right – the forest doesn’t care what stage we assign it. For it, life goes on. We should adopt some of the forest’s attitude and realize moving to another step of the ladder or business title or social strata isn’t necessarily a good change but merely one society wants to impose on us.

  8. Your blog is great and reading your posts made my brain do the hard work – thinking / contemplating. I enjoy it very much. I have nominated you for the one lovely blog award and very inspiring blogger award.
    Here are the award rules. Great work!

    *Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

    *Share 7 things about yourself

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  9. Lovely post. I was just reading many similar things in a wonderful book: “Replenishing the Earth” by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai. A great awakening to the important decisions and lifestyle we can live in harmony with the Earth. Thank you for contributing this! πŸ™‚

  10. It’s not so odd that when we get out into our natural environment we feel so much more complete. We might be nervous at two in the morning on a city street, but out in a forest or on a moor at the same time and we feel so much more alive. It’s as if the trees and the earth welcome us home and all our clever higher order thinking shuts down to allow the smaller brain to plug into the world we truly belong to.

  11. Hey, I could’ve sworn I was already following your blog, but apparently not! Following now! How do you get the buttons there to easily click to share on FB/Twitter/WP?? I really need those! I’m desperately trying to build a following, it seems REALLY hard :/

  12. For me, no doubt this is truth. If I were to look back at all the times I needed help and had the most questions, I would realize it was in the moments I ventured outside or into the wilderness or dessert that I found my answers. Even now, when I need to feel connected to someone, something or myself, if I need to regroup and can not figure a thought out, I step outside to my favorite spot under the stars πŸ˜‰

    It is deep, it is magical and this is where I feel most connected and so I am reminded of how connected to nature we truly are. In the midst of chaos, whether it be physical or mental, when we to stop and connect we can realize everything we need is right there inside of us, and nature has a way of reminding us this truth πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Thank you for sharing Jeremiah β™₯

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