It is a sadness for me to know that most people walk through life consumed by the self, personal desire and want. Only a few can claim otherwise. In life so few are given the gift of people who are selfless and giving. These souls inspire our hearts, guide our dreams and mold our character. These people dwell in the sphere of superheroes. These are the role models, our support, our advisers; our rocks. These are our parents and teachers, our fathers and grandfathers. Today, I appreciate and remember my “dad.”

My father was a selfish man, and in many ways he still remains this way today. Though I have forgiven him and expressed my feelings to him, he has yet to change. As I grew up, my grandfather was my “dad.” He was the man who showed me how to live with compassion and dignity. He taught me that life was to be smiled at instead of frowned upon. He taught me that to live well, we must have both goals and dreams, and aspire to reach them both. Though he is no longer on this Earth, he exists forever in my heart and mind; his advice I will always carry along my journey.

We have these special days set aside for thankfulness and recognition such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It seems a bit silly to me to have these respective days, for I believe that appreciation for our fathers and mothers should always be expressed, no matter the day of the year. It is a simple gesture to say thank you, or I love you, or to dial a friendly phone call just for a chat. We should remember that the moment when we depart is forever unknown, and appreciation must be given while we still have the time.

In the sphere of superheroes, we all have our own that we give the title of father, and today I say thank you for the 34 years that I was blessed to have a true “father.” in my life. We all should take the day to remember our fathers, and remember that the days to come should all hold the same appreciation. Happy Father’s day to all of you true Dads out there. Your children are your blessings, and you are theirs.

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29 thoughts on “Supermen

  1. My dad wasn’t very good with children, went through a violent phase and died before I could really spend time with him. I put right the damage myself, created my own map for being a father and made a man of myself. I still thank my father for the aspects of manhood he gifted me that I didn’t throw away. In a way he set me on the path to wisdom and completeness by making me feel incomplete. In the end wisdom says ‘take no heroes, only inspiration, for a man may die, but a dream lives on.’ With that in mind I raise my children with a view to helping them become who they are meant to be, not who I think they should be. That’s why I got hugs and love today from my kids and all my dad got was a card, which he generally binned. Still the man gave me life so I’ll raise a glass to that much of it. Here’s to father’s like me, the ones who live for their children and let go of their own lives when the children come along.

  2. I feel the exact same way..
    You never know the cards life will deal to us..or just what God has planned. We should appreciate our parents..our loved ones..everyday..they may not be here the next!
    Wonderful post πŸ™‚

  3. My father was largely absent from my life…except for one dazzling moment when he stood up for me and, in doing so, taught me to stand in my own power. Years later, I realized that was the moment for which we were in one another’s lives, and the floodgates of gratitude have never closed.

  4. The last thing my husband told each of our children was that they are his blessings, his heaven. He was too humble a man to know that he was their superhero, and to know what a part he played in molding their characters. Thank you for writing this.

  5. I am sure your grandfather is the proudest angel in heaven, smiling at your beautiful post and new book! Glad he was in your life

  6. It does seem odd to need a ‘special’ day, at the same time life being what it is… sometimes a reminder is helpful, whether Hallmark opportunity or not. Thank you for the opportunity to reconsider the specialness of my own dad, gone 25 years now, but with me always, every step of the way. Beth from middlescapes

  7. Wonderful tribute to your grandFATHER. I agree that we should not need these special days to show love and appreciation. Same goes for Valentine’s Day etc.
    And, if we could all live everyday as joyful and loving a Christmas and the season brings.

  8. Superheroes? You know, when I was young, that’s what I thought of my father. But then somewhere along the road, I realized that he was ‘just a man’ – a man doing the best he could. And you know what? Instead of making him less, it made him more – more than just a hero. Thank you. ~ Love, Bobbie

    1. My grandfather always seemed to appear when I needed him most..every time.. since as far back as I can remember.. that, to me, made him a superhero. I thought him Invincible.. but as I have come to realize, no man is invincible.. but we can be in spirit. πŸ™‚

  9. Wow. Beautiful tribute. It’s so nice to hear stories like this. Most people who lead lives of tragedy can trace the primary cause to be an absent or out of touch father. How the world needs men to be fathers in the truest sense of the word.
    Thanks for writing about who was yours.

  10. I, too, had a grandfather of the epitome of purre selflessness and, I owe him my capacity to respect MEN. You’ve brought fresh tears to my eyes in deeep gratitude for the iinnccomprablle blessings I’ve been freely giiveen~Beautiful post!

  11. Just read your Father’s Day blog…Thankful that you had a father figure…It’s a wonderful thing…I was blessed that my Dad was my “Daddy”…loving, stern, hard working, fun, caring, showing us right and wrong…I so wish all could have this…and I’m so thankful I did! ~mkg

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