Lies, More lies and Damn lies

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~George Orwell

Truth is a trophy that all seek. Whether one seeks “the truth” about life, spirit, death and afterlife or is simply wanting to be told the truth is very much the same. Nobody wishes for falsehood; never does one wish to be lied to or deceived. Yet, we all deceive from time to time despite our desire for others to be truthful. The sphere of truth is a complex place, one that imparts confusion, thought and intuition.

To be honest, I highly doubt that a soul has lived who hasn’t either told a lie, hidden the truth or acted in some form of deceit. This is an undeniable human characteristic that knows nothing of spirit. In the action of deception, the true soul is muffled for a moment, though the conscience feels the guilt of the action.

We all stumble into this sphere generally when we are protecting ourselves as children, though as we grow we certainly learn the perils of deception and prevarication. Some become very “good” at lying and manipulation if it works in their favor. Others have the hand of karma instantly slap them in the face.

Lying has never been my forte. I was never good at it, and it almost always seemed to instantly backfire on me. Despite this, the feeling of guilt afterward was often too much to bear. This feeling would make me sick to my stomach, and I could never sleep no matter the situation.

After getting into a sticky situation once at the age of 13, a friend and I managed to lie our way out of it. All was clear for about a week, but during the time I remained very uneasy. About a week and a half later the cat was out of the bag and the punishment came down like an anvil. I’ll never forget the slap across the face by my mother for looking her in the eye and lying to her. I can still feel the sting to this day. Needless to say I learned my lesson then and there.

We have big lies, little lies and damn lies. But we also have the white lies. People say little white lies are harmless.. Are they? What is harmless about deception? Just remember no matter the lie, someone is getting deceived and this is a destructive behavior.

Travel the sphere of truth. Do not be afraid to admit your wrongs and recognize your faults. Be a beacon of truth to all those around you. In baring your soul and owning your actions, you become whole and one with the sphere of truth.

Keep in mind, the great thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything; truth is natural.

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39 thoughts on “Lies, More lies and Damn lies

  1. Salam. Can I translate this one too? I finished the translation of the supermen and your words were amazing in arabic. The picture accentuated its beauty as well.

  2. I think we lie because we spend so much time lying to ourselves that it becomes habit. Either way it’s not good and something I strive to continually be aware of and change in my own life.

  3. As Don Miguel Ruiz writes in the Four Agreements, “Be Impeccable with your word.” Walking your talk is the path to your personal integrity.

  4. When you stick to what’s right, you can never go wrong. Even though it may be difficult and painful, in the end, if you tell the truth, you will find peace.

    1. Orwell’s quote here can be applied to nearly every period of change throughout history.. the truth is always suppressed by those who relish power and dominion. Those who speak it are always silenced..

  5. You just hit the nail right on the head. What gets me, though, is usually people lie with what they think is a purpose. There are those who lie with no real reason but to lie as though the truth is somehow not good enough. I know someone like this – drives me crazy.

  6. I got the swift hand at 2 when I lied about snitching tangerines off my grandmothers tree, but the evidence of half a shell left hanging and the tell tale mess of juice I was busted, not by my grandmother, but my mother. I always admonished my children to tell the truth then no one has to remember what was said.

    However, there were times I learned the truth is not always good, to wit: “Do you like my new haircut?” It was too late after the truth was out and it took me some years to come up with answers which evade the truth, such as, “ooo, that’s different. Let me see the back. Wow.” It did help with getting along with people and I didn’t lie. My new mantra is to tell the truth, unless it is needlessly hurtful at that point DO NO HARM.

    Someone dying in a nursing home needs all the love and acceptance that can be shared. Amid the tubes and the pain a simple, “That is such a pretty color on you,” can do wonders for them.

    So that’s the truth. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I don’t think lying is categorically wrong, but I do think that it should be avoided if at all possible. I always think long-term, so if you lie to someone you see everyday of course the truth will come out.

    As for white lies, I think that they are acceptable. Often both parties know that there is a lie occurring, and as such it is more of a polite fiction than anything else. In fact, politeness sometimes dictates that we lie.

    1. Many have this view.. and usually white lying is done out of kindness in order not to hurt feelings or seem harsh.. but a person can easily impart the truth in a friendly and courteous manner no matter the situation. People do appreciate the truth, even if they don’t want to hear it. The only way I see lying as appropriate is if the lie is told to save or protect a life; this is different and held to higher standard.

  8. A few truths about lying. Great topic to discuss!
    “Always tell the truth. I know this sounds a bit simplistic but I can assure you it is a lifetime pain reducer both for yourself and others around you.” ~ Stephen E. Deal, (Guest Author for SimplySage.)
    “The crooked heart will not prosper;
    The lying tongue tumbles into trouble.” (Proverbs 17:20 NLT)
    “Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent;
    with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.” (Proverbs 17:28 NLT)

  9. Love your insightful post. I’ve been trying to remember a quote that I heard many years ago, that there are three sides to the truth..yours, mine and somewhere in the middle you will find the real truth. I liked Shez’s comment ‘Do no Harm’ Truth is about conscience can you justify your actions or words.

  10. Thanks for bringing a calm moment to my day. Your last sentence nails it! The truth is so much easier than lying. It’s such a difficult task to maintain any lie over extended periods of time. Maybe I’m just lazy. Thanks again.

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