Perhaps, Maybe…

Vacation is almost over for me, and back to the desk I must go. I’ve put off writing a bit, but today is a day of expression I suppose.

For me, spending time with family is very important and after having my daughter stay with me for a month and now my sister for another few days, I’ve come to appreciate even more the lives of those I’ve been so blessed to share my time on Earth with. This makes me realize how connected the spheres of life are, lessens the pulsing urge to figure out why everything is, and strengthens the will to just be presently engaged in the moment. This life, to me, all comes down to the grand sphere of perhaps and maybe.

Perhaps life is one big funny chemical reaction. Maybe there is no purpose at all. Perhaps living is done simply for survival and procreation. Perhaps we simply wander aimlessly without purpose or substance, and when we become dust, the light switch is turned off forever. Perhaps I don’t believe this at all.

Maybe the God of the Christian Bible is a man with a big white beard, sitting on a throne in the clouds, watching over the Earth and weeping. Perhaps this God is a practical jokester, and is laughing at the behavior of some 7 billion ant-like creatures who seem to care nothing about anything other than their own selves. Maybe this God is waiting to pull the plug on his experiment once we become too much of a burden for the Earth to sustain. Perhaps this has already happened. Maybe it never will.

Perhaps people simply miss the point of life. Perhaps they fail to see the simple beauty and concentrate only on the ugliness, or on the weather. One of these is always changing.

Maybe everyone has their own version of heaven, and each version exists for the person to experience or not. Perhaps heaven is a human creation of hope and born from a desire to live forever, a never ending eternity. Maybe everyone is right in their own personal beliefs. Maybe we’re all wrong, and finding the answer is impossible.

Perhaps we should all look upon one another and simply smile and love. Maybe then nothing else will matter. Perhaps we’re all pieces of God, destined to find our way back home. Maybe if we look within, heaven is already at hand.

Perhaps this sphere is complicated. Maybe it’s not. Perhaps we all already know the answers to all the secrets, or maybe we’ll never know. Regardless, living with appreciation for life and being able to recognize beauty is what I live for. Any answers I find are just a bonus on this trip. For me, the path or the destnation is not the point, it is the walk.

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32 thoughts on “Perhaps, Maybe…

  1. Beautiful. My life is filled with so much joy, adventure, enriching experiences that I could never imagine that life is about survival and procreation. There’s a lot to be absorbed, as I know you have partaken in.. what happens when we’re gone is, I guess, part of the mystery of life. I enjoyed this post quite a bit.

  2. Deeply thought provoking with great wisdom flowing through this blog knowthesphere. I believe we all just need to take life the way it is given to us by God, because we are delt different types of cards that we must adapt to.

  3. Well, that all kind of got to me, I must admit. I do feel that what we have are moments, the present, the here and now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and everything is “perhaps.” I have children and I have grandchildren, and I have the beauty around me…and it’s love for all of this, this very moment…that matters.

  4. Thank you for that.

    “Perhaps we’re all pieces of God, destined to find our way back home.” is something that I have felt for quite a while and the context that you presented that statement in truly spoke to me. I’m so happy you take the time to share your thoughts with the world. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve always felt I was born…sent to earth…created…However you say it… for some purpose…I hope I fullfill whatever it is…By greeting each day and doing your best…maybe it will be found that way…but, then …do we actually do our best???…Just thinking out loud…All I know is that I see some pretty wonderful things where I have been placed…and these creatures like me… who are called people…can be pretty neat also!…~mkg

  6. I loved this post! Rarely do I read a post the second time, but this one I did. You are a wise man, and a very loving one. Your broad perspectives were quite interesting and I do believe in a couple of paragraphs you hit the nail on the head! Wonderful job.
    How old is your daughter? Hug her lots!

  7. Me too. The way we walk is the most important, to walk with respect, kindness and love. And these things are within us, not without, on thrones in the clouds.

  8. Great post! I love how you ended it. I think I feel the second to last section in that heaven is a journey that is internal rather than external, and what we project to others will be mirrored back to us in some form.

  9. Nice…Yes, focusing on beauty and appreciating our life with its joys and challenges, allows us to be loving and compassionate to ourselves and to others. In that way our purpose of helping the planet shift to a peaceful higher vibration is done through the internal work of first feeling heaven within. tx

  10. For me, life is becoming simpler by the day – my life purpose is to be a catalyst for other’s happiness. This gives me great significance and joy (and a confidence in a positive future). I’m also able to free myself from reflecting on the uncertainties of the future and be fully “in the moment.” Thanks for the transparency and the honest post. Make it a great day my brother. Life IS a walk – an endless adventure and journey.

  11. I like your sentiments here….. maybe…. perhaps…. Heaven is within…. smiling and loving is the most important of all…. what if it is the truth….. thanks for the post.

  12. I think – for me – the problem comes when I turn hopes and dreams and perceived “answers” into “expectations”. And – for me – it is difficult not to do that. It is true – nothing is guaranteed. Answers today may not be the answers of tomorrow, as it’s all fluid. What we know to be “true” is what “is” today, and we need to live in *that* moment. To “expect”, or “depend upon something to happen” only leads me to disappointment when things don’t pan out due to … “life”, much of which we cannot control. The little saying comes to mind about now, “Life happens when you’re making other plans!” Enjoy (or at least appreciate) that life.

  13. Truly, truly, Jeremiah, it is the walk, the journey, that matters! May we join hands with many others all around the world as we travel through this present “sphere”!

  14. Appreciating the MOMENT, and taking things the way they are.. Im always so inspired each time i read your blog. You are amazing.. the way you express yourself.. its deep, Bless you for sharing with us,,,

  15. My theory: The point of living (and by extension the point of survival and procreation) is similar to the point of a song or a dance – The point is that it is beautiful (it creates and manifests beauty).

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