Mitakuye Oyasin

“To stand at the edge of the sea, to sense the ebb and flow of the tides, to feel the breath of a mist moving over a great salt marsh, to watch the flight of shore birds that have swept up and down the surf lines of the continents for untold thousands of year, to see the running of the old eels and the young shad to sea, is to have knowledge of things that are as nearly eternal as any Earthly life can be.” ~Rachel Carson

We all know the ebb. We all visit the flow. We are all both, in mind, in body, in spirit, the ebb and the flow; always constantly complimenting the inner and outer boundaries of self and surrounding the space of others with our lives. We all exist, we all affect everything in thought, action and in expression. This never goes unrealized by others, only by the self do we dismiss this truth.

This connection has been called a sacred circle, a sacred hoop by many of our ancient ancestors. This connection was seen then as natural; natural then as the process of nature. People gathered at the time of nature’s decree, to celebrate and mate as the animals did in unison with the seasons so not to teeter the balance of life. Like the planting of crops in spring, and the harvest in autumn, the flow of life was unbroken for thousands of years.

Today we have a broken hoop; a broken reverence for all things sacred. Only in small circles are these truths still upheld. And, of these small circles, they are shunned by the masses as being “archaic.” Born from an ancient way that has long been snuffed out for the name of “progress.”

I ask all those who care…. What is “Progress?”

The cares of the world today are far and removed from the time of yesterday when a rainstorm meant water for the family and an absence of dry, cracked lips; when snaring an animal meant more food, more clothes and more tools.

Today, I see far too many and know of many more who continue to satisfy their champagne and caviar appetite with a wallet not fit for a even beer and a handful of pretzels. Take..Want.. and take and want some more; this has become the silent motto of the days we live in.

We must come to the point of self realization… that our desires outweigh our resources, and always will. Even more, what we take… we take from another. In this world, all lives are connected on a fragile strand of divinely woven silk. We must never break this connection. But, know that the strand is frayed, and unwinding all the while.. you must care to join those who mend it. We are all here waiting.

Realize your CONNECTION with all that IS…… with the sphere of LIFE.

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27 thoughts on “Mitakuye Oyasin

  1. I love this reflection and it reminds me of one of my favorite prayers:

    Lakota Instructions for Living

    Friend do it this way..that is
    whatever you do in life
    do the very best you can
    with both your hands and mind.
    And if you do it that way
    the power of the universe
    will come to your assistance
    if your heart and mind are in unity.
    When one sits in the hoop of the people
    one must be responsible because
    all of creation is related
    and the hurt of one is the hurt of all.
    And the honor of one is the honor of all.
    And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.
    If you do it this way…that is,
    if you truly join your heart and mind
    as one…whatever you ask for,
    That’s the way its going to be.
    -passed down from White Buffalo Calf

    1. Very much so.. In fact, the title is an opening of many Lakota prayers. It means “everything is connected” or “we are all related” the very tenet of Sioux belief.

  2. Unbelievably well written. The content is also true and to me very important. I am a descendant of those also known as human beings, the Cherokee nation. We are all related. Beautiful post.

  3. Thank you! For me being in nature helps me restore my faith. Living in Arizona, I have a wealth of amazing places to walk and I go at least once a week. It centers me. restores faith, puts things in perspective. I have been laid up with a broken foot for over 6 weeks and I have had quite a bit of trouble not being able to walk. I went with my son to my favourite place to walk today and felt so much more at peace. So much more right with the world. This piece just fit so well with my day. Again, thank you! I think I’ll have to go write a piece about it.

  4. Without ebb and flow, the life giving qualities of water become a destructive flood. We must honor both the ebb and flow, or risk losing the chance for sustainable growth. Unless growth is sustained, there is no progress.

  5. Love your posts. Still, I like to believe that when we take, we don’t take from another… We are limitless, and we get what we think. If we feel we take from others, we can’t be true to our desires. If everyone believed in themselves and trusted themselves, no one would feel deprived of anything. Pure positive thought is allowing, and it is limitless. We can all have it all, but the intention must be true and come from our hearts. This way, it will come our way, without harming others. 😉

  6. When the word “Evil” is read by those who read left to right in a mirror, the WORD is “LIVE”. When the word “Evil” is read by those who read right to left (Hebrew is written as such), the mirror is not necessary. Life is a gift. Love nurtures the gift. Everything is relative. Peace.

  7. Beautiful. The world is so much bigger, we are out of touch with so much of it. We with more than enough, they dying for lack of basic necessities. When will the brotherhood of man actually care about their brethren?

  8. Sometimes you hurt my head bro, but I still love reading your thoughts! I agree that we are far from a need based people. We want what we want, and it would seem that we are beginning to see the affects of our wanting, on our cultural morals, and the environment.

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