Eat More Chicken…

“Treat everyone you meet as if they are God.. in drag.” ~Ram Dass

What is tolerance? What is compassion? Perhaps, the door to these virtues is simply looking upon another and loving him for who he is, not for what he believes in and not for who he loves.. so long as nobody is hurt by his hand, he is my brother.

Do not be mistaken.. people are judgemental, people are cruel, yet, people are also capable of much more tolerance than what they actually show. Today, for me personally, was very disappointing. SO many that I thought were tolerant and compassionate showed how much intolerance and resent they hold for something that is totally out of their control..  The sphere of tolerance is a place that all must witness.

Should a deaf man be condemned because he cannot hear the word of God? Should a mentally disabled man be denied the kingdom of heaven because he cannot fathom it, or have the tools to ask for forgiveness or repent for sins? Should a hermaphrodite,one born with both male and female genitalia, born into this world,  be condemned to hell because he is an abomination, and no matter which gender he chooses to be his mate is considered wrong? Who gave men the right to judge? Who gave men the right to script what is happiness and love??

Today I’ve seen and heard nearly all arguments.. God hates sinners, God will not allow gays into heaven.. God does this and God does that..  I’m so glad that there are so many people who “understand” God’s message.. :/

Once you judge another, you try to become God.. understand that. You then become the judge and the jury.. How noble, yet how forbidden. Understand that all people are entitled to pursue happiness and love, so long as they don’t hurt another person in that process.

Nobody can judge, especially those who have yet to judge their own life; their own self. The sphere of tolerance is one that people are traveling through constantly.. unless you allow others to live as they live, you will continue to  judge them and wish that they live as you do.. this is impractical and illogical.

I surely wish that I could stop all the bickering.. and simply be a guiding light toward the center, but so many are trapped within the confines of scripture or biblical duty, or judgement.. Tolerance is a sphere that all should find.. hidden within the heart and written nowhere.. We must find it for ourselves..

Love your neighbor. Do not judge.. These are the messages that go unrecognized so often.. Live within the light of divine spirit, not from outside looking in..


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42 thoughts on “Eat More Chicken…

  1. I suppose those who presume to speak for God, no matter who they are should first examine themselves and spend more time asking Him to see humanity through His eyes. I participated in the support of the company on this day, but not because of his stance on anything political but because I support everyone’s right to express their opinion freely. Anyone who presumes to make declarations on behalf of God in the name of Christianity should consider that they are no less intolerant than those who kill in the name of God. I continue to ask the following question of marriage: At the end of the day, upon whose authority can the government grant marriages. If we truly believe in the separation of church and state, why are governments involved in that kind of intimate, sacred, spiritual union at all?

    1. This day shows completely the fallacy that church and state are obviously not separate. And many people said that this is about freedom of speech.. but the underlying issue and obvious transparency is “who can be married or not under God’s eyes” It’s a cultural issue… very fragile.

  2. Beautifully stated Jeremiah!

    Who, how and with what we choose to love is sacred to each individual. To judge the way another loves, ultimately is to judge ourselves. It saddens me greatly that so many still abuse such incredible gifts as our freedom to love unconditionally and without limits. Until those that judge with hate filled hearts find unconditionale love for themselves, they will see faults within others… for the people they judge are their mirrors.


    1. Elle, One can judge and still love another. The way I think about it is this, I love both my children deeply. I cannot imagine anything that they could do that would prevent me from loving them. STILL…I’ve been very unhappy with them and judged their behaviors any number of times in the last 2+ decades. The love persists — and is unconditional — even when I’ve been angry & judging of them. I perceive & attribute this kind of love (and judgement) to God but in a far more perfect way than I pull it off.


      (I know you weren’t asking me but I felt compelled to respond.)

    1. Perhaps so.. but there is an ancient Jewish belief that states that God and Man are twins.. one is conditional, the other unconditional.. seeing both as one is difficult, but necessary to attain wisdom and compassion.

  3. What has disheartened me the most on this issue, is the intolerance and out and out hatred on both sides of the issue. I do not hate anyone, I do not agree with everyone but I truly believe that each individual is entitled to their opinion as much as I am entitled to mine.

    1. Indeed, yet most fail to realize that conflict is a part of existence. The cycle will continue, we must all have respect for others even though we may never agree..

      1. Exactly! We are never going to be in 100% agreement with everyone-so we need to accept the differences. I think respect is underrated, it should be tried more often-this blog has been a lovely place to start.

  4. Jeremiah, profound insights here. Give up judging others- or yourself. The Tao calls this “the great secret.” If we don’t understand and seek to live this lesson, we are lost.

    A great post. Thank you.


  5. I could not agree with you more. Not judging is sometimes difficult as we are first “visual” characters. We also have big brother telling us on a daily basis what is acceptable, what is not, what is pretty, what is not, etc. The truth is NO ONE decides if they are born white, black, intelligent, retarded, and so on. NO ONE. That gives none of us the right to judge anyone else. Besides, you are so correct – we are not the Almighty-I believe we were born to LOVE one another and praise God. Thank you for this important post! Have a better day – a stellar day!

  6. Economics (i.e., business) should stay amoral and leave personal morality issues to individuals and religion. Money doesn’t care about your beliefs; only those with a desire for power do. Those with power to promote a personal agenda are unfortunately the people hardest to be tolerant of.

    1. interpretation: love those who eat chicken if you don’t; love those who do not eat chicken if you do; love your neighbor as yourself (and there is only one essence or spirit, even though incarnated into two vessels); when Love rules, enemies dissolve; when the Light shines, darkness dissolves

  7. “All people are entitled to find happiness and love.” Thank you for these words, and for all the rest as well. Your voice is a strong one, and well heard. I’d be interested to hear you speak someday. Off the internets and out to the people.

  8. The Bible doesn’t say that gay people will not get into heaven, people say that! Whosoever will may come. (Romans 10:9-10 is the how and and believing is the only requirement!)

    1. Yes people say that.. all too often based on the verse from 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, which states the same.. however, these are still to me the words of men and not from the essence of unconditional love that God is said to be..

  9. I’m not sure they are reading the same Bible I read, mine say that GOD is the only one who should be judging not us. My father taught me that before he died. He always told me not to judge it wasn’t our job it’s GODs.

  10. And once again, the easiest rule Jesus gave, proves to be the hardest to adhere to. The God of love, once again trumped by the comfort of “tradition.”

  11. The deaf can feel God’s vibration. God’s house is flled with only peace and Love. God is Love. Only Love.

  12. I agree with every single word you say. Bravo you! You wrote: “I surely wish that I could stop all the bickering.. and simply be a guiding light toward the center, but so many are trapped within the confines of scripture or biblical duty, or judgement.. ” Me too, I devote every waking moment to it and every word I write. Thank Goodness, God is not religious! Love, love, love

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