Sphere Curiosity

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~Carl Sagan

For thousands upon thousands of years men have looked to the heavens in astonishment, wonder and fear. They have looked upon this firmament for answers and for hope, sometimes in belief; though often in question to their place in the universe. The heavenly sphere’s  movements have been linked to Earthly events, human development of the psyche and to human personality through astrology. Gods have been named throughout history, represented by these very planets and stars, and we have countless tales throughout antiquity regarding the “sky-people.” Now, at the supposed height of our civilization, we are on the cusp of flattening the age old question of the existence of life other than that found on planet Earth. This is a grand sphere of curiosity, and so aptly named.

I was among the many who were awake at 1:30 in the morning here on the East coast of the U.S. early this morning. I watched the NASA feed stream live as they monitored the Curiosity rover as it neared the Red planet after eight months of flight through the blackness of space. A journey that spanned over 350 million miles. A truly astounding feat in itself, and an amazing accomplishment of human technology, ingenuity and drive. I could feel the excitement that all in the jet propulsion laboratory displayed upon the rover’s touchdown and when the first pictures were relayed from Odyssey. This mission, the first to search for biological evidence is perhaps more important than most people realize.

What if the fossilized evidence of life is found? What does this mean for humanity? Sure it answers a daunting question, but, I believe this finding may have the potential to do much more indeed.

If tomorrow or in the coming months the Mars Curiosity rover finds scientific evidence of life on Mars, this finding has the potential to turn theology and philosophy on its head. All of a sudden, many of our religious leaders will have to question the foundations of their faith and many religious texts would be restudied and scrutinized. Human thought will change overnight, consciousness will have to evolve to accept the truth.

Many may take the news with ease, and it may not bother their respective faith at all, but for those arrogant enough to believe that in a universe containing trillions and trillions of stars and planets that only life exists here, they will be in utter disbelief. Regardless, human culture must shift and rethink the beliefs or disbelief held for centuries.

We live on a tiny blue planet that is a mere spec in a solar system. Our solar system is a mere spec in a galaxy containing billions of stars. Our galaxy is a mere spec in a universe containing billions of other galaxies, solar systems, planets and stars. The existence of other life is a simple mathematical probability.. yet we still question it. Perhaps some have not evolved past a human centered universe.

In this sphere of curiosity I hope that we all find the answers that we seek. I hope then we can all begin to understand what a universe full of possible life truly means, and the vast amount of knowledge it can bring. We may then begin to loosen our ego and realize our true universal connection to all that exists.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Sphere Curiosity

  1. I, too, stayed up last night to watch this. I guess I am not the only one who was thinking about the ramifications for religion and spiritual thought. It has the potential to change a lot of things, and I felt that acutely last night. Should they find evidences of life in the past, or life now, I’m finding myself wondering how resistant people will be, as they cling to long held beliefs, and make excuses for remaining with their beliefs. When we felt the world was flat, there was resistance then, I believe!

    As for me, I’m in awe of how tiny I am in this huge universe — the size of which I do not know, and cannot fathom. For me, this “not knowing” is ok. We will never know it all. Once we find out one thing, there will always be the next thing to discover. And “faith” weaves itself in and around that.

    1. Agreed! There is a sweetness in not knowing, and it is what makes life so interesting for me.. and, of course, More answers will always lead to more questions, and I’m sure there will be a “truth resistance” of some sort..

  2. I have always found it amazing how tiny we are in the grand scheme of the universe. Couldn’t agree more with your insights and reasoning. Thanks for the post!

  3. I am perplexed as to how these events change faith. Our entire basis for faith is with the absolute knowledge that we don’t know everything. When we presume to know the limits of the universe, then we presume to know the limits of God. Surely those of true faith will have no problem (and might even chuckle at the thought that, once again, we’ve been ‘brought up’ by our short-sightedness). Being of native american indian descent, I’m reminded of the Lakota saying ~ “the center of the universe is everywhere”. Only a fool spends time trying to limit love, laughter, or God. 🙂 Thank you, dear one. This was beyond my strength to refrain. ~ Love, Bobbie

    1. I too am of Native American descent.. I agree with you, However, The religious beliefs of the planet are infinitely varied, and many are shortsighted on the idea of creation.. As I said in the post,I know that many people including myself would take the news with ease and simply smile at the thought of it. Trust me, many would question their faith and personal philosophy, and many would be in denial. I know too many who scoff at the thought of life elsewhere, and actually make fun of those who believe it.

  4. A sphere I frequent constantly!

    This is one of my favorites because I have said something similar for years. It is a bit frightening, the extent of humans who still can possibly believe that we are the only life within this limitless Universe.

    As for the questions of our everyday or for what is to come regardless of the question or who is asking it, there is wonderful mystery… and yet when the answers do arrive, I find there is nothing sweeter 🙂

    Love and light

    ~ Jennifer

  5. “The center of the universe is everywhere.” That pretty much sums it up. An infinite God is everywhere – the place you touch Him is the center of his being for you.

    I guess I’ve read so much sci-fi in my life that if the new rover provides conclusive evidence of former or even current life on Mars my reaction will be – ’bout time.

  6. Interesting post. I, too, wonder how mankind will react when evidence of other life is finally discovered. I can just imagine the fear and all the doomsday prophesiers coming out of the woodwork. But, for myself, I tend to think it will be a wonderful thing and take us in a new direction. Perhaps salvation for the planet?

  7. Beautiful post – as always. I think that if, when life is found elsewhere, there will be people here on earth who will choose not to believe it and think that they know better than NASA. Just like with climate change.

  8. Fabulous work Jeremiah! I once heard a Roman Catholic Bishop wonder aloud about whether there were other forms of intelligent life out in all those galaxies. I remember him distinctly saying, “What if another group of people somewhere else ALSO have a savior. It would throw everything we knew off, wouldn’t it?” The beauty of his comments was that he truly believed we all needed to be prepared for this. As vast as the universe is, we humans cannot really believe that we are the be all, end all of creation!

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