My Wish..

“Do not seek to bring things to pass in accordance with your wishes, but wish for them as they are, and you will find them.” ~Epictetus

What is a wish? I think honestly that all men, women and children have a wish, or have had a wish, or, if luckily smiled upon have had that wish granted.. We all wish, we all desire, we all have dreams, ambitions and aspirations. Mine is simple.

There is much to say, but for now I must stop for a moment here and give my heartfelt gratitude to this blog. For without having arbitrarily stopped here one evening, I may never have signed up and started writing on this forum. Since that day, I can honestly say that my writing–which is my art; my livelihood–took a turn in a direction that I’d never anticipated. I found a voice and I found an audience. I found friends and I found a platform. I found myself, once again, through my efforts here and I felt a presence of heart and mind. All of this, if without, I truly believe that I could not express myself in such an honest manner.

I read everyone that comments here, and still I am almost shocked when I have a follower or visitor give such praise and gratitude. When I hear that another person loves my work, or that my writing has lifted them up even for a moment, or that my words have made them stop and think, I’m still a bit perplexed of how this is possible. But nonetheless I love each and every time that this happens. This creates a spark within, and fans a flame that has been ever-kindled; burning since beyond what I can remember.

For me personally, to be able to touch the heart and to touch the soul with an artful voice is something very special. No matter if I’m able to turn an ear or catch a glance from a curious eye, if I can make another stop and listen, or stop and think, then I believe that I’ve done a proper job; that my voice has at least been heard and considered. This, to me, is “fame.”

Speaking of fame… I’ve often had a daydream that I could be famous, like a rock-star or a movie-star. That I’d maybe write a book that sold millions and I’d land on every talk show, or everyone would know my name. But then I thought.. why? Perhaps my true dream is more profound than such petty desires, perhaps it is it’s own fame altogether.

In a sphere of dreams, we all have our own idea of how we want the world to see us, how we want to be looked upon and studied; how we “wish” we could see ourselves. And, most often, this is a point of view that we “wish” to see through the eyes of other people. It is true, we often like to view ourselves vicariously through our audience, be it friends, family or the public… But, we must realize that this is not our dream.. We must be true to ourselves; we must be our own before we even know what our true dream, our true “wish” really is.

My wish is simple.. To be heard, and to help; to have a voice. To me, this is my dream, my humble wish.. This is simply me… and when another says “Thank you” for what I’ve written or for what I’ve expressed, when they say “You’ve helped me,” Β Then…….. I am a Rock Star.

We can all live our wish, we can all be our dream. Knowthesphere.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “My Wish..

  1. You are a “Rockstar”! You have just posted the perfect blog for an answer I have just set out to the Universe. You are fantastic, thank you glimpses into your world!

  2. First off…you are a very inspiring writer. I have been captivated many times by your words. Second…what you wrote…it is as if you crawled into my heart and clicked copy/paste. Seriously, I know what you mean. I appreciate you and all the others I have found and who have found me. Thank you for sharing, please keep up the great work.


  3. know this, my friend:
    As I wake brand new to this day, yours are the first words that come to me. I somehow managed to tune into your blog, your words, this post and… know this:
    you are a revelation, you are truth, and yes, a Rock Star… but so much more!
    Brother, sister, mother, father, lover, teacher, student, friend… you are truth because each time I find you and read your words, I find my mind returning to stillness… a place where it is simply not necessary to think any other thoughts.
    Keep doing what you are doing for I am quite sure the Universe in her infinite wisdom is proud
    beyond measure
    of what you”ve
    chosen to

    peace & love,


    1. Your words are very profound, and I honestly thank you for expressing this sentiment so eloquently. I can only hope that I’m able to keep doing what I love, and to express my thoughts as honestly as you’ve just written. Best wishes to you.

  4. This blog is akin to my favorite poem: ‘Snake Eyes’, by Bukowski. I know he’s a misogynist and kind of a dick, but when he speaks to the stranger reading his poem (addressing them as odd brothers and sisters, if I recall correctly), it reaches out. Your work seeks to soothe us and compel us to do better, live better, BE better. Wonderful writing, Sir. Thank YOU, not us, for who and what you are.


  5. Rockstar,
    To me you are famous. I eagerly await your post knowing it will cause me to stop and take time to reflect on my life and the direction it is headed. My wish for fame is not for the spotlight to shine on me but on the many children whose lives I have been blessed to be a part of.

  6. Told you… YOU ARE A WONDER CHILD.. not only do you posses the power of words, you get deep into our souls… May you be ever blessed.. It is with eager i always await your posts…..Oh, ain’t I LUCKY, or better to put it, ain’t we LUCKY… ???

  7. You have been heard, loud and clear and we are blessed for you to have been able to share your insights and love with us all here, and now through your book.

    “We must be true to ourselves; we must be our own before we even know what our true dream, our true β€œwish” really is.”

    Pure truth in that statement, I know because I have been fortunate enough to experience it first hand. In finding myself and my calling, everything has fallen into place, and just how I “wished” it to be, it is pretty incredible, and it is only getting bigger and better every day!

    So thankful you “Stumbled” upon WordPress, and I am even more thankful we all were able to find ourselves here one way or another.

    As always… Thank you for giving so much of yourself and your journey to help us all.

    β™₯ Love and light β™₯

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Hi Jeremiah, I will dare to add my two bits to all your accolades here…. simply to say that the work you do here on this (and your other blog, which I miss reading!) shines out with a simple and beautiful honesty …. your words touch many people deeply in their hearts….. so you are much greater as a poet and wayshower than you could ever be as a egoistic rock star. Humility is a wonderful gift to all who see and recognize it. Blessings on your journey, SB

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