My Sunlight is My Darkness

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~Leo Tolstoy

So many things going on, so much to think about, too much to handle and far too much to worry about… when will I catch a break?? For me, this rarely happens, but I hear these statements often; these bricks of worry and burden carried in the form of sadness, anxiety, depression, guilt and even paranoia. As time moves, as life happens, these worries can pile high if one allows it. But, fear not; there is a remedy.

Life gives us all a slap every now and again, this goes without mention. Just as we may feel on top of the world at one moment, at another we can feel lower than the marsh, being pounded by the surf, being shredded by the sand and silt. This comes in many forms; bad day at work, bad ride to the office, bad conversation on the phone, poor decisions realized a bit too late, fighting with friends or family or simply just waking up and stubbing your toe.. This can all create a mess in the mind and become manifest in the actions of the day.

Take a moment to step back and view this sphere.. it is abound all the while. In this view remember that all change contains compliments. Some may call this sphere misfortune, others call it bad luck, others just call it a normal day in their life. But we must realize that at all times it is both, containing all compliments. We can see this embedded with the Taoist symbols of chaos and order. Sometimes, a bit more chaos is evident, and we walk in less order… However, these moments at their essence are just the same as any other. They always offer a path or a point of choice, a return to balance and harmony, they are intertwined by universal law; by divine decree.

You can become sulked and saddened with the chaos of the day, letting it disrupt your mind and heart, or you can realize it for what it truly is. These are all simple compliments to your day, to your decisions and to your life. Realize how to harmonize with the song of chaos, and you will revisit your order. Balance these both equally, and recognize them for what they offer. Through chaos you find the will to restore balance, through order you may realize that too much order is a bit dull and boring, so then you may just invite a bit of chaos.. Seems counterproductive, no? But perhaps this is necessary to walk a balanced path.

Consider for a moment the great ancient oracle, The I Ching. This is called the Book of Changes.. and aptly named. This great work gives us a clear representation of change at it’s essence. It mirrors our own bodies, our own lives and the entire universe that contains us all. We all are continuously changing, ever moving in space and time, this is life and all compliments interwoven. As above, so below… So within. Remember that light is made possible by darkness, and so it is true that the darkness cannot exist without the light..

When the day seems to dim and darken, remember that the light does shine from within at all times. This doesn’t require any secret cipher or key… You can harness this power at any turn, at any time. Be the balance, and harmonize with your misfortunes. Accept that some things cannot change, but know that many things are changeable, just as the tide, just as the hues of the clouds and sky when filtered sunlight dances upon them.

We are all as magical as the dawn, as perfect as the night, and born of the cloth that binds these together. Become what you wish to feel, and misfortune will become fortune.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “My Sunlight is My Darkness

  1. Well said. Very nice post with plenty of “wisdom.” It’s so very important (and emotionally/psychologically healthy) to realize, that in seasons of relative ease, we are simply in between times of challenge. That is life. It’s how we meet those challenges that is important!

  2. After losing an 89 year old dear friend yesterday, your writing just seemed fitting this evening. It was along the lines of my friends inspiring thinking and I appreciated reading this. Thank you. Sincerely, Connie Webb

  3. Well, it is very interesting that your article has shown up in my in-box today. I was looking out at the cloud covered sky only minutes earlier. I found myself in a moment of contemplation. I was observing my sphere of vision being covered in a blank of gray clouds, there was a misty rain falling from this blanket. It got me pondering, “how is it that this magnificent view is seen and described differently depending on my passing moods?” This very same situation has presented in the past and all I saw was misery and sadness, and I was suffering for it. Yet today in this feeling of connection I see my world and what is being presented with completely different eyes. I realize from this that not having the need to label situations gives me much more freedom to experience life fully with out analyzing and interfering with my experience.

    If I am seeing life as a challenge it is my intellectual mind claiming it to be so. All situations are just situations that arrise and then I label them? From this conscious and awakened state my mood is a choice, my points of view is a choice, I have a choice to enjoying all situations as they arise it is my choice. How I perceive a situation and then label it I see is my intellectual mind and as I become conscious of this I find myself asking,”is this beneficial to living in freedom”. When I am conscious to my experiences and the situations I find myself in I realize that all situations arise to give me an understanding of how and why I created it.

    Being fully engaged in what ever arises in life with out feeding negativity into it gives me an opportunity to enjoy every moment. In my awareness I can see the connection between my thoughts, feeling, emotions, and what arrises in my sphere of experience. The Universe is mirroring to me what is iin me vibrationally and reflecting it back to me.

    When I am living in a world of opposites created from the intellect than I am either judging life as chaos or order. When I am no longer living life from the programmed linear mind (duality) then life will no longer reflect the duality of opposites

    It was earlier today that I had observed how the intellect has a need to label situations as they come up. It is just a point of view in the moment, a point of view, that I see know is jaded by my own emotional and mental state. I have seen that everyones point of view is polluted with filters from past experience. The individual intellect wants to understand life and analyze and define life the “I” the one that is watching the mind think just wants to experience life fully. A new thought for me is “what is keeping me from being fully engaged in life and not seeing it as dull just because there is no chaos?”

    When ever I have experienced full presence, the presence of being, life is automatic. When I am no longer tied to duality, I see life from a place of neutrality, all opposites dissolve. In this state I no longer have the need to evaluate life I am present to it, I am experiencing life in the joy of f being…no boredom..just exhilaration for being alive and conscious of it,…no dull moments.

  4. In the midst of Hurricane Sandy and everything that is going on in our world around us. This is exactly what I needed to read to be present in each moment, living in the way of love and light, truth and honesty, trust and compassion. Seeing the big picture, but remembering that, “this too shall pass”.

  5. Thanks so much for this post. You offer a lot of wisdom. And I needed to hear this today. Coming across people like you give me great encouragement as there is so much darkness in the world…and yes, so much darkness in my own heart. But we can’t have light without darkness, as you said. Thanks again.

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