“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana

Wind does something. It holds a message. Whether sweeping up from the Earth or spiraling down from the cloud it always brings with it the truth; the raw essence of life contained in one continuous breath of creation. You know this smell.. this essence. We all know it, yet we forget it in such a commonplace fashion as if it never was. In a sphere of this moment, a sphere of now, we forget the wind but remember it forever.

It is about to rain. The wind picks up slightly, then.. you smell the Earth. This Earthsmell riding on cool wind announcing the coming rain. We all know this. But, is it just some random happening easily explained by the minds of science? Or is the Earth breathing, alive, welcoming the water from the heavens? Perhaps so.. I think so.

These subtle nuances of life go unnoticed often. They are disregarded as simple things that are expected to happen. Never thought through, never examined thoroughly enough to gain perspective of what is really at the surface and never given the afterthought of how this affects the mind, the body or the soul.

The natural world gives hints and hidden gestures, all the while being brushed off.. chalked up to normal occurrences. Normal? Of course they are.. but no they are not just that entirely. These are the happenings of life; the heartbeat of the divine as manifested in everything we experience in reality. Only the right mind in the right moment can see this, appreciate this glow of pure being; pure truth.

These signs are all around.. in life, in love, in personal office space, on your commute to work, even while you walk toward the door of your home. They are pronounced harbingers of what is happening now, in this moment, for you and everyone else. Recognize them for the insight they give and for the simple truths that they bring. Ignore them no more and you will see the difference.

In the sphere of here, of now, of this moment we must understand that the smell of Earth riding on wind is present in so many forms. It warns us, alerts us, gives us peace, consoles us, moves us and shapes our decisions. It is our divine key. Find this… and find yourself.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Earthsmell

  1. Earth — it was alive!
    What do the majority of people do in the early morning? The answer is simple — they sleep! But if man — even once in a lifetime! — watched a sunrise consciously, leaving the warm bed and cozy home for this purpose, and, overwhelmed with delight, one-to-one with the rising sun, watched the sunrise, — then this person would have lived the earthly life not in vain!

  2. I observe such polarity, of the ones who are so detached… their children unaware of connective activities such as hiking and nature walks where our intimate connections to nature exist. Yet, I see those who have known for some time their corporate lives will no longer bring them the solace they seek and have changed their lives to find serenity… only this earth can provide. I can only speak for myself in saying my most life altering moments have come from reconnecting to nature and this earth. I have found answers to my biggest questions amongst the sun, the moon and the rain deep in the forests, by doing nothing other then being present in the moment with full gratitude regardless of what was going on at the time. My heart and soul are happiest when I fill that desire to connect.

    Thank you for sharing, as always 🙂

  3. simply beautiful thoughts and writing, this really touched me, i have been writing about the things the wind tells us if we listen, and that earthsmell, awesome, and silly though it is i know what its called, that smell, its called ‘petrichor’,

  4. a lovely post, and the wind has always been an important messager of change in my own life…. it is nice to see you blogging again, Jeremiah! I wondered where in the world you had gone off to…. blessings on the season and all that it brings, SB

      1. Blessings on your new adventures, may the Spring bring you much joy and vision… things are super intense right now for so many of us…. keep writing and inspiring us as you do so well, Jeremiah.

  5. The very “now” of life, defined, taken in, sensed, felt, and allowed to just be… there for us to notice. Loved the whole entire piece, it was alive, enticing, educating and inviting. Wonderful!!

  6. Wonderful! I seem to have found someone who thinks along the same lines as I do. Thank you so much for this insightful post!

  7. I like your descriptions; I can easily imagine exactly what you’re talking about in my mind. As for me, I love the smell of Gardenias right after a fresh summer shower and I adore the sound of the wind whispering through the grand old oak trees growing in my part of the world. No matter where in the world I go, I always remember these things fondly. Everyone ought to stop and take notice of those sorts of blessings.
    – Azariah

  8. LOVE the quote at the beginning (and the whole post, for that matter). Growing up on a small island, I’m thankful that I know nothing can compare to the stillness of nature. Being alone and unclothed in nature is what I believe to be the closest to heaven here on earth. Something about being back in our natural habitat, completely uninhibited by constraints, coverings and convention – THAT is what I call tranquility. Great post, Jeremiah.

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