Circles in Review

“Nature puts no question and answers none which we mortals ask. She has long ago taken her resolution.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

So many “year end reviews” exist that it’s hard to write a simple post such as this. Personally, I feel that viewing the events of the year are a bit of a toil, reliving the highs and lows in such an unattached fashion. To me, this diminishes the experience of our time. So I offer this perspective instead.. Here in this sphere I’ll simply call, the circle.

I have a bit of a proclivity that most of my close friends understand. I’m born of a nomad’s heart, a true gypsy soul; a thinker, a wanderer, a lover of life. Spontaneous, reserved though energized; shy, yet not timid. Loud with silence, smart with words, but aloof at trends or popular items. I’m an artist, the keeper of an elder soul. This to me is a precious burden, because I’m far too young to feel or think this old. My years began this way, though I was unaware. This gives light to my passions, one being writing.

I write what I feel, because life is feeling. Living each day should be sacred to everyone, this is why I word my thoughts with emotion and heartfelt intention. I feel that maybe somewhere, someone will feel the spark of life in my words.. be inspired, be lifted up, or just crack a smile for only a second. This, to me, is payment for my passion. I understood this more during the past year than anything else.

Through all the worry, struggle, dark mornings and sleepless nights there were many more eye-lit smiles in my year than there were tearful frowns. Lessons were given, some ignored, but many learned. These things happen everyday, not just every year. But, what is a year? Why a year? Our understanding of this man-created cycle is simple. January begins our fiscal generation, December ends our yearlong want for celebration. We raise our cups for the year’s end, as well as the new beginning. We make resolutions, eat superstitious meals, make promises and hope for fortune and good health. This is all fine and good. But looking back only partially, in a segmented light, is not part of being resolute.

I say that instead of looking back on the year, look back on your entire life. Understand why you are who you are, why you live the way you do, and what compels you to push forward. What are these things that bring you life, entertain your passions and score your smiles? Find these things everyday, then reflect at the year’s end. Be alive with your journey, walk alongside your soul and breathe the fabric of life. Life is a circle, the moments you make are forever intwined, stringing along with you until you depart.

Just a year in review? Make it a life in living, nod your head and acknowledge the moments that inspire your heart, and give thanks to the lessons you’ve learned. Live wisely in the present and smile while you walk.

The year is not over, the great year is very much alive; a continuous circle of experience that will keep you, move you and propel you forward. Our year, our circle, is our home. This is where we dwell, where we feel and where we understand that life is never about looking back, but instead, being here; being one with the life we live. Wake up, come alive and view this truth. Because the view is simply breathtaking.

Namaste and Happy New Year

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Circles in Review

  1. Jeremiah, undoubtedly you have allowed so many of us to feel the spark of life through your words. You have inspired and lifted us repeatedly with every word/feeling you have shared. As well, much of what you have written has made both my heart and my mouth smile, I am sure it is the same for so many others. I love this post, and it is a message I have been trying to share as well. Very powerful, and as always I love how you have expressed it.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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