ImageSome believe that things happen for a reason, others believe that randomness is all that exists. Some believe that existence is the only reality, and nothing exists beyond existence. Well, thank that lucky randomness that brought the right chemicals together to create all of this amazing stuff around us… that exists… for whatever reason.

Recent events in my life have brought me back to my roots. This is what I wish to express here. For many of us know all too well that once we veer too far away from our true center, we get lost, we get confused and we get away from ourselves. It’s up to us to find ourselves when we become lost. And that is me, having been lost for a moment I’m glad to be back here again; here next to my muse in a sphere of gratitude.

I am thankful for everything that I see. And..I do see random events happening all around me. But are they random? I don’t believe it to be so. Things are in unison even though we may not notice it. Even as we look out our window, all that we see is affecting us at that very moment; moving in and away, shaping our thought and affecting our lives, leaving footprints for us to follow.

One day recently.. I look up from my own personal thought and see cars stopping and going as I stand and pump gas, getting ready for my long commute to the crescent city. I watch and listen. Then I think, what in the hell are all of these people doing? Where are they all going? What could they be thinking about? Are any of them looking at me, pondering the same things? Then I wonder.. Are any of these people significant in any way to me? Then I realize in that very moment, almost simultaneously while asking the question, that they are all significant. These people, these neighbors that I know nothing of, affect my thought, my emotion and my heart. They are in my sphere, they gave birth to my questions and they remain entangled in my own experience. They draw forth these words from my mind, and now you read them, and you think about them, and your experience is affected. This is the cycle, my sphere becomes yours, and so on.

These subtle connections remain a constant between all things. Though we never acknowledge this connective principal, it exists whether we see it or not. It interlocks all life, and perpetuates the divine cycle that continues beyond time.

As these connections persist in life, they also throw us curves. Curves come in the form of disguised events. We may often be confused about these events or situations arising without warning. These may make things difficult to deal with, or easier if we’re lucky, and these are often not in our control. It is how we view them that we can control our experience, and guide ourselves along the path. It is our perception that unlocks the beauty behind every situation, whether perceived as good or bad.

Find the true path through the connective sphere. Lift the eyes higher than the self, and draw the experience of living into the light. Once we see and truly understand that all thought, intention, action and emotion affect everything we see, touch and experience.. then, perhaps we’ll have finally seen our own true reflection.

We are all locked in an infinite entanglement with all that exists, but… we are not tangled. Embrace this truth, and you will know your sphere.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. And now it is clear to me, within my sphere are those that affect my living. It was what within me that’s tangled. But not really. Thanks for putting the words together my cluttered mind couldn’t produce. :)))

  2. Always love reading your post. You speak in words what my “self” feels. I have a question for you… I believe what I believe because of a strong sense of truth. Meaning I just feel it. I know it. I had a conversation with my 15 year old yesterday and found out he doesn’t “believe” in anything. It never occurred to me that he would not believe in heaven, God, reincarnation, or any sort of spirituality. I was in tears. We been to church, he’s heard about God, we pray. He doesn’t feel or “know” what I do. Do you think people are born feeling spiritual or they learn it? No one taught me. No one in my family is like me. My heart broke. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Well, luckily I’ve been blessed with the memory of an elephant, and I can distinctly remember my thoughts at the age of 15 regarding this matter. To answer your question, I believe we are all born with specific inclinations to believe a certain way or not, and those inclinations are built upon or torn down as we age, learn and experience life. However, at the age of 15 I struggled with questions about the existence of God, heaven, hell, the theory of evolution.. and what was true or not. Was science right, or was there a “big guy” in the clouds somewhere making everything happen? I didn’t know what to believe. And I was too young to understand all of it at that age anyway. Maybe, if your son is interested in learning about things such as biblical truths, alternative theories, life philosophy or theology.. then introduce him to them and see what he prefers. Besides, He has a long way to go. Personally, I didn’t gain a true sense of spirituality until I was almost 30 years old.. and that’s only been 6 years ago. Give it time, and try to strengthen his conscience, his sense of respect for life with that time.. it’s all you can do.

      1. Thank you for the insight. Once the shock of it wore off a bit, I did realize when I was his age I knew more of what I didn’t believe, than what I did. He’s an extremely smart kid, very math and analytically orientated. Our brains are not even close to thinking the same! Ha! I will definitely encourage him to take his time and find his own truth. Thanks again!

  3. Fantastic, though-provoking, centering slice of wisdom. Wonderful to have this post be the firstvthing I read after waking this morning. I too believe the concert happening around us, being orchestrated by the Universe, does not contain a single discordant note!

    Many thanks!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts & reflections. These words particularly stick out to me: “Are any of these people significant in any way to me? Then I realize in that very moment, almost simultaneously while asking the question, that they are all significant. These people, these neighbors that I know nothing of, affect my thought, my emotion and my heart.” When we realize we are all connected (all one?), we are gentler, kinder and truer to ourselves and the Divine in each of us.

  5. Thanks for this Jeremiah.
    Everything is illusion and everything is imbued with significance. Whether an event is random or not depends on how our minds perceives it. I’m a great believer in reading the libra mundi, the great book of the world. In that book, everything tells a story. Whether that story makes sense or not is for us to discern, best done with clear eyes and a calm heart.

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